5S for manufacturing: What is 5s System? and how to Implement in Garments Industry.

what is the 5s system, and how to help this 5s for manufacturing5S is one of the widely adopted techniques in the manufacturing field to maintain standards. Along with Standard Work and Total Productive Maintenance, 5S is considered a “Fundamental” Lean concept, as it establishes the operational stability required for making and sustaining continuous improvements.

Andon system for lean manufacturing

Andon system for lean manufacturing

In English, Andon means ‘Sign’ or ‘Signal’. It is a visual aid which alerts where the action is required. Think, for example, a flashing light in a manufacturing plant that symbolizes the line has been stopped by one of the operators due to some uncertainty. An Andon System is one of the important components of the Jidoka quality-control method. Basically, Andon System was a part of the Toyota Production System and now use as a Lean manufacturing method.

Objectives of work study in industrial engineering in Apparels

time study

 work study department plays a very important role in an apparel factory. Production Effectiveness depends on this department. Objectives of work study in industrial engineering department are maximizing production with a minimum use of time as well as cost. This Department is based on the systematic Examination of the methods of carrying on activities, so as to improve the effective use of resources.

Garments Washing Plant Function and Techniques

Washing Plant

Washing plant is an important division of the Garments Factory. Generally, the garments which are required for washing are brought here. Washing is done according to the buyer requirement. Before washing bulk garments, washing plant wash sample garments and send it to the buyer for approval. There are several types of washing is done by the washing plant.

Apparels store department activities

Apparels store

One of the most essential parts of the Factory is apparels Store Department. Each and every factory must have a store where the raw materials are stored. The store Department is mainly responsible for receiving, keeping and issuing all kinds of Fabrics and other necessary accessories for production. All departments get their required things from Store. To maintain these, store department follows a regular work procedure. The basic functions of stores are defined as follows:-

Apparel Merchandising Department Function and Activities

Apparel Merchandising Department

For a garment factory, merchandising Department is the most important department. In garments, there are many departments. Apparel Merchandising department keeps a good relationship with every department. Also, the “Merchandising” is known to the persons especially involved in garments trade. The term merchandising has been derived from the merchandise. Merchandise means goods that are bought & sold.

Maintenance department Activities in garment industry

maintenance department

The maintenance department is enhanced with various professionals who work for maintaining the continuous production system and keep machinery in working condition. Maintenance Department is one of the most important parts of the factory. The maintenance department is mainly responsible to look after the machines and other production equipment in proper working condition and take corrective action against any environmental pollution.

Procedure of Finishing department in garment industry

finishing section

The finishing department in garment industry is one of the most important departments. The final shipment of the products greatly depends on the finishing department. The desired quality standard of the products also depends on this department. So the smoother and efficient operation of the finishing department is very important. Different activities of the Finishing Department can be summarized as-

Importance of financial management: Financial Management Activity in a Apparels Company.

Importance of financial management

importance of financial management is to achieve short & long-term goals in one’s life on before time schedule. Financial Management is the key area of the management system, which controls and guides an organization in a very effective and transparent way. Having a good financial system is considered as a key strength of an organization. Therefore, every organization should require a standard financial management system.

What is fabric technology: procedures of Fabric Inspection


This department mainly deals with the fabric-related activities. Fabric inspection department is playing a vital role in the organization. Generally, the main function of Fabric technology department is to ensure the quality of fabric whether it is appropriate for the production or not.  The functions of this department mainly two parts.