ERP software system: why do we need ERP system


Erp is one kind of software, which anyone can get any data from every section as well as give necessary data to someone else simultaneously so that everyone can get the correct data at the right time which help the production to be increased and time and hassle to diminish. ERP software system is one of … Read moreERP software system: why do we need ERP system

What is time study?

Time Sudy

Time study is a work measuring technique for recording the time of activity for a particular job or its part of disbursed under a specific condition and for analyzing the information so as to acquire the time necessary for an operator to hold out at a defined rate of performance. Time study may be a technique of direct observation. A trained observer watches the duty and records information because the job is being performed over a number of cycles. Time study equipment: For the … Read moreWhat is time study?