Summer Home Decor

To change the interior in the apartment, it’s unnecessary to buy new furniture and repaint the walls. Let’s find out how to make the furnishings summer-like, using only decor.

Replace Curtains, Bedspreads, and Carpets

Curtains, bedspreads and rugs are the biggest elements in the interior. If you replace only them, the setting will already look new.

It’s perfect to change textiles for the summer and winter season. In winter, we want something warm, enveloping, and it’s logical to use curtains of dense materials, such as boucles.

In summer, we want to have some air and lightness. For windows, it’s better to choose airy translucent fabrics. When the window is open, they ripple, and you can actually see the wind.

Curtains for the warm season should be made of satin, viscose, cotton, chiffon, or linen. These are fabrics that do not burn out in the sun.

Light fabrics drape well. To get more folds, take a cloth two or four times wider than the window opening.

The bedspread is also a great decorative element that affects the overall appearance of the interior. Use cotton, silk, or satin bedspreads instead of a wool or plush plaid in the summer.

The color of textiles should be chosen based on the overall palette of the room. For the interior to look harmonious, use the rule of proportion. Determine the main, additional, and accent colors in the room.


The main color occupies 60% of the total palette, as a rule, they paint the walls. The complementary color takes 30%, the accent color takes 10%. Choose textiles in any of these three colors.

Pick a Picture

So that the room doesn’t look cluttered, it’s better not to put a lot of small decorative objects and don’t decorate the walls with unnecessary ornaments, such as vinyl stickers. Otherwise, these elements can distract you while playing at 22 Bet or working from home. It’s better to hang on the wall one large picture with a spring-summer subject and put a bouquet or decorative element in the tone of this picture at the other end of the room.

These elements will be accents in the overall palette. Select them, as well as the textiles, following the rule of proportion.

Use Tablecloths and Table Runners

The tablecloth is also a major element, just like the bedspread. It sets the mood in the kitchen and table interior.

A universal solution is a white tablecloth with a thin border or ornament around the perimeter. On such a tablecloth you can put any tableware and flowers, and they themselves will become a bright accent.

If you are afraid that a white tablecloth will quickly get dirty, take the version with stain protection.

It’s better not to use tablecloths with bright large print: they may stand out from the general palette of the interior and visually argue with the serving. But if you want to lay a tablecloth with a pattern, it’s better to take a textile in a small check. Such a pattern looks like a pattern, but creates a uniform background.

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Another summer trend is a tablecloth made of linen or cotton with embroidery.

Dense cotton with a satin surface looks more solemn. Such an option is suitable for a festive table.

Put up More Plants

You can renew bouquets of cut flowers every three to five days. But a more economical and eco-friendly option is to put live plants in pots.

Not everyone knows how to care for living plants and not everyone is willing to buy living bouquets regularly.

There is an alternative – artificial plants of European brands, which are similar to the real ones. They are expensive, but it’s a one-time purchase for many years. The only thing that is required is to periodically wipe them from dust.

Another option is to put cold porcelain flowers.

Replace Storage Accessories That Stand in Plain Sight

Some storage accessories always stand in plain sight. In the kitchen, these are bread bowls, jars for storing coffee, tea, and cereal. In the bathroom, there are bottles for liquid soaps, shampoos, toothbrush cups, and soap dishes.

Take an inventory: Throw away accessories that are obsolete or that you don’t use.

Revisit the number of storage accessories. You may find a lot of unnecessary items.

You need to create as much air in the interior as possible. It will appear where there are the least items and there is order.

It’s great if you like to make accessories with your own hands. Ordinary jars can be decorated with fabrics and paints. So you can get a spring mood in the process. Moreover, you will have an original decor that no one else has.