Tri-Fuel Generators

A quality tri-fuel generator costs around $1500. If your business can’t run without a power source, it’s best to invest in a reliable generator.

Tri fuel generators can run on propane, gasoline, and natural gas. The fuel generator is a reliable power source for people who expect different power needs.

If you are considering using a tri-fuel portable generator, it’s wise to understand how it works. The type of fuel generator you buy should reflect your needs. If you want to know more about fuel-injected generators then you’ve come to the right page.

Here are 5 tips you should keep in mind while using a tri-fuel generator.

  1. The Best Gas For Tri-Fuel Generators

When using a tri-fuel generator, most owners get confused about which gas is the best. Natural gas is more cost-effective in comparison to other options. Besides, it’s widely available, making it a reliable fuel source.

Always check the manual that comes with the generator. It will highlight if there is a specific gas that you can’t use on the fuel-injected generator.

  1. Use the Right Conversion Kit

When purchasing a fuel generator make sure to get the right conversion kit along with it. Any space left between the air filter and the carburetor adapter indicates that you have the wrong kit.

When you face this issue, you can use rubber to fill up the space. In the case of a metal gasket, you will need to crop it to the size of the space. Always seek to work with reputable companies such as that will set you up with the right conversion kit.

  1. Bolt-In Regulator
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When using a tri-fuel portable generator, most people have trouble bolting in the demand regulator. You can bolt it on the frame of the fuel generator. However, you have to be careful to avoid drilling through the generator fuel tank.

Use two bolts to secure the regulator in place. Otherwise, if you use more than that your fuel generator may be full of holes. This will create a pathway for water to seep into the generator.

  1. Cost-Efficient Usage

When using a tri-fuel generator, keep the running costs in mind. Avoid using gasoline if you want to keep these costs at a minimum.

The initial price of propane gas is less than that of natural gas. However, it has lower energy implying that its cost will eventually be higher.

  1. Removing the Natural Gas Kit

When using a tri-fuel portable generator, it’s important to know when how to remove and install the conversion kits.

Most fuel generator owners wonder whether they can remove the conversion kit for natural gas. It’s the reverse of the installation process. However, you can’t reverse the bolt holes on the sides of the generator.

Tips for Using Tri-Fuel Generators

Tri-fuel generators are a reliable power source. When you purchase one, always go through the user manual. Using a fuel generator in the right way goes a long way in preventing wear and tear.

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