Interior Decor

If you don’t want to start a long expensive repair, pay attention to the little things that help create a warm atmosphere and make the interior stylish. Here’s how to create a cozy apartment with minimal expense.

Nowadays, designers are involved in repairs to save time on the choice of materials and create a stylish environment. However, it’s important to participate in the home improvement process yourself so that the apartment reflects not only the designer’s style but also your ideas about comfort and beauty.

According to Designing a Dream Home: Opendoor’s 2022 Decor Report, the most popular ways to spruce up your home are paint or wallpaper updates, seasonal decorating, and rearranging furniture. Here are a few more simple options to update your decor and add coziness to your home.


Textiles are a small part of the interior that, however, sets the tone for the entire space and makes it cozy. Curtains, bedspreads, pillows, mats, towels are those things that fill a room with home warmth and enliven the interior.

A monochrome interior is easy to change: just lay a bright tablecloth or napkins, and a bright monochrome kitchen will instantly transform. Curtains of rich dark color will perfectly fit into the interior in the loft style with concrete walls and minimal decor. In an interior dominated by wood, natural colored textiles look good.

It’s unnecessary to turn the apartment into a warehouse of knitted napkins. But a few interesting details, competently selected to the interior, will bring its note in the home comfort.

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A cozy interior is one with a lot of natural light. During the daytime, the sun will let in the house with lightweight tulle or light curtains, and in the evening a great solution will be spot light sources: neat wall lamps, floor lamps, LED strips. They are usually placed around the perimeter of the room or where you want to emphasize unusual designs. In the nursery and certainly can not do without a lamp or nightlight, especially if the baby doesn’t sleep well.

Besides its direct task of any lamp and performs the function of the decor. For example, on the desk where you work or enjoy your free time betting at Bet 22 or chatting with friends, you can put a lamp with a powerful color and accent lamp shade – it will illuminate the space and attract attention.

The living room or bedroom can be replaced by a fireplace. Chewing wood in the hearth will add warmth to the room, which may be so lacking in the middle of everyday life.

Storage Systems

The interior of the house should be cozy and functional. Scattered bottles of household chemicals, cosmetic bags, batteries, keys, and chargers create visual noise in the apartment. But thoughtful storage spaces can become part of the home’s design.

Glass jars for spices, dividers for drawers with clothes, containers for household chemicals in a single style without bright labels and baskets made of straw or felt for storing small things will help to quickly eliminate clutter and not spoil the overall appearance of the space. Every item will have its place, and arguments over lost keys will stop in the house.

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What associations do the cozy interior of an apartment conjure up for you? Often the smell of baked goods, coffee or cherry blossoms outside the window of your childhood home reminds you of coziness. Scent influences the perception of space – it’s no coincidence that major retailers use aroma marketing. Find your palette and use this technique. You can pick up an interior perfume or use improvised ways to create coziness in the apartment: brew aromatic mulled wine more often in winter and put a real tree for Christmas, keep fresh flowers in a vase in spring, pamper yourself with watermelon in summer and bake cinnamon buns in fall.

As an interior perfume, you can use an aromatic diffuser, scented candles, special sachets or aroma lamps with essential oils.

A positive side effect: you will get rid of unpleasant odors in the apartment. It’s believed that some essential oils repel insects and increase immunity. There is little scientific evidence in this area, but one thing is for sure – your mood will definitely be lifted if your home smells nice.

Handmade Décor

Making the design more comfortable is possible with handmade items. Such interior items give a special feeling of warmth and comfort in the house.

Decorative elements can be made in a variety of techniques: ceramic handmade tableware, patchwork style bedspread (sewn from pieces of fabric in the form of a mosaic), knitted napkins or papier-mache plafond. The easiest option is a herbarium. For this you only need a photo frame and flowers dried from the last walk. Such decor will fit perfectly into the interior in an eco-style or boho style.

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If you like variety, you can use seasonal decor. Paint the windows with snow colors for Christmas Eve, weave a Christmas wreath. For Easter, liven up the interior with an Easter basket of painted eggs and sprigs of willow. For Halloween, decorate your home with pumpkins.


The original configuration of the shelf will be an accent in the interior. If an ordinary bookshelf is too boring for you, arrange it in the form of steps or wrap a snail. If you store books in an open closet, you can arrange them in a rainbow order according to the color of the cover – a simple and original idea for an accent home library.