Living in a metropolitan city like Bangalore is definitely not an easy step. Most of the people who live there are the ones who study there or the ones who have a job there. In such a situation, finding the best place to stay in Bangalore is very important. Your locality is able to speak volumes about your personality and hence in such a situation it is important to choose the correct locality for living. There are so many different kinds of localities which are available to enjoy a comfortable time with flat and flatmates in Bangalore

You can either purchase a flat or even a bungalow and at the same point of time you can take a home on rent. It all depends upon the availability of finance with you. In such a situation it is important to mention that this article will explain the best type of places that you can put up at in Bangalore. 

Jayanagar apartment

It is one of the posh localities in Bangalore. It is a complete locality with apartments in different sizes. You can even purchase and take on rent Apartments of 1 BHK or 2 BHK depending upon your availability. It is considered to be a very friendly place in which there are so many Gardens and walking zones to care about your fitness. 

It also offers a 24 by 7 security cover in order to prevent the occurrence of unwanted incidences. This apartment is very much in demand because almost every person who earns a sufficient amount of money every month wants to stay here. If you are lookingfor flatmates in Bangalore ten this is the right place to choose in the city. A huge young crowd lives here and enjoy sharing their accommodation. 

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Rajaji nagar

This is another important place to stay in the city of Bangalore. This place is able to offer amazing apartments and flats at a very reasonable cost. There is the facility of paying guests also available. It has a beautiful community hall and a community Park. This locality is really close to a local market in which every kind of necessary item is available. The cost of rent and purchase is also very less in this locality and it is perfect for students and job seekers. It is the best locality that you can actually look for in a place like Bangalore  a reasonable cost. 

Frazer towns

It is considered to be one of the most exclusive townships of Bangalore. It is famous for offering luxurious apartments in order to provide a world class experience of Living. The place is crowded with so many beautiful sky scraping buildings. The apartment is completely furnished and even the cost of living in this apartment is very high. All kinds of basic facilities like a gym, a water pool and a children’s park are available. You can also find the facilities like volleyball and badminton courts in this locality in order to offer overall development. 

HSR layout

This is one of the most important facility that is available in the town of Bangalore at a very affordable cost. This is a kind of a locality which will offer you an affordable housing facility. This locality is very amazing and offers all the basic kinds of facilities. The security system of this locality is great and it is located in the City Centre. It has connectivity with the help of metro and local bus stations. It is the best type of locality that you actually want for yourself and your children to stay. You cannot enter this locality without Express permission from the person who has invited you at his place. 

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This is another township facility which is available in Bangalore at a very affordable costing. It is considered to be the place in which maximum types of facilities are available. It is considered to be the posh area of Bangalore because of the huge sprawling area across which this Township has been spread. There is a lot of greenery in this locality. It is technically the best kind of Township you can ever find at this cost. You can get an amazing price and at the same point of time you can get a beautiful place to stay at. 


Accordingly it has to be concluded that these are the best type of locality that are available in Bangalore. This is the best type of locality that you can actually find at a very affordable price in Bangalore. This specific place is the best in almost every kind of manner. These localities are able to offer both kinds of facilities to the people. At points of time they are considered to be the best in almost every form and manner. This is the best kind of facility that you can find for yourself and your family members at a very reasonable cost. This is an exhaustive list of the famous localities of Bangalore that you can find easily online.