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How to Calculate Allowance of SMV in a Garments Industry

An employee can’t work continuously within required time scheduling. In AN garment industry, workers should do lots of work. For execution all of the work, a worker desires some time for private and physical refreshment. Therefore, a worker desires some extra time allowed for performing the work. This extra time added with basic time during SMV calculation is known as allowance calculation. Allowance Calculation method in a very important topic for a garments merchandiser. So, nowadays I’d prefer to discuss How to Calculate Allowance of SMV in the garments industry. What is SMV? SMV is defined as the time that is

5S for manufacturing: What is 5s System? and how to Implement in Garments Industry.

what is the 5s system, and how to help this 5s for manufacturing? 5S is one of the widely adopted techniques in the manufacturing field to maintain standards. Along with Standard Work and Total Productive Maintenance, 5S is considered a “Fundamental” Lean concept, as it establishes the operational stability required for making and sustaining continuous improvements.