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Machine maintenance procedure for apparels Manufacturing.

In apparels factory sewing machine problem, not a new thing. In a day huge of Loss time for machine breakdown. But it can be solved by flowing proper maintenance procedure. So we need to learn about Manufacturing Machine maintenance procedure. Conversely, poorly maintained machinery equipment runs inefficiently. Breakdowns are expensive and safety is also an

lean manufacturing tools and techniques in the garment industry

The garment industry suffers from many of the same problems facing any other manufacturing industry in the world today.  Factories need to ensure that operations are efficient, that workers aren’t standing around idle because materials aren’t in place and that deliveries are timely.  Quality issues and too much operating capital tied up in inventory are also

Andon system for lean manufacturing

In English, Andon means ‘Sign’ or ‘Signal’. It is a visual aid which alerts where the action is required. Think, for example, a flashing light in a manufacturing plant that symbolizes the line has been stopped by one of the operators due to some uncertainty. An Andon System is one of the important components of the Jidoka quality-control method. Basically,