Finding the perfect desk for your office whether in a traditional commercial office, or your office at home requires research into the different options available. There are many types of desks out there, but not all of them are well-suited for computer equipment and the peripherals that go with your setup. 

Before shopping be sure to take the measurements of your office and decide what type of space you would like to dedicate to your computer desk. Look into the coordinating pieces that match to make your life easier with storage for peripheral equipment. 

The Function

Start with your basic needs on a desk. Is this for the executive office, reception desk, or just a standard computer desk that requires only basic functionality? Of course for a desk going into the executive office, you will be looking at pricier, premium materials and workmanship. These are fine pieces of furniture even though they are functioning as a computer desk. 

For the average office, good solid furniture is still a must as computer desks often hold quite a bit of weight due to the equipment sitting on top. Along with peripherals such as printers and scanners the weight of the machines does add up. You will want something sturdy enough to provide a safe and solid base.

Computer Desk Vs. Traditional Desk

There are a few slight differences between computer desks versus traditional writing desks. Conventional writing desks do not come with predrilled ports for all of the wires and cables that go along with electronic equipment. Also, pull-out trays for ergonomic keyboards and adjustable risers for height will not likely be attached. 

Antique desks can be modified to handle newer electronic equipment, but by doing so you will likely devalue the piece of furniture that you are modifying. In this instance, you may be better served to leave your great aunt’s antique writing desk as is and shop for a new desk made especially for today’s equipment. 

The Layout

Decide if you will need a desk made for one person, or if there will be additional workers in the same office. Having more than one person using the same office sometimes requires a different layout than a desk made just for one person. If you are sharing an office a two-person desk may be the way to handle space issues. Buying an L shaped or a U-shaped desk could be the answer. Search for computer desks online to view some popular styles that may fit your needs. 

Available Add Ons

Additional pieces that match your desk may be available when you are shopping for a computer desk. Hutches that fit on top of the desk as well as stylish cabinets for files and storage are handy additions to your office. Having matching pieces also gives a finished look to the office making it a pleasant atmosphere to work in. Take some time to research the models available and find the right choice for your office.