If you want to know how to improve your French, you probably want to improve all parts of your French. However, if you have a particular skill in mind, like speaking, skip ahead to our section on improving specific skills. Improving your French will take time, and you may feel frustrated. But if you keep going, you will find yourself getting better without even realizing it.

Find a Language Partner

There are sites like italki and exchange where you can find language partners to learn French. You arrange exchange time, online or in-person, and then spend half the time speaking French and half the time telling your language.

When using this method, try to develop a new topic each time you speak with your language partner. This way, you get to practice a lot of different issues and vocab instead of just repeating those same conversations repeatedly.

Record Yourself Speaking French

If you cannot find a language partner, you can record your speech once daily. Think of it like a vlog where you make a ten-minute video to practice speaking. Try talking about something different every day. It’s also really cool because you can watch it a few months later and see how much you’ve improved.

It may sound crazy, but when you’re walking around the house or working, try to describe what you’re doing. Share what you see, feel, and do. You may sound crazy, but this is a great way to improve your speaking style. Just make sure the people you live with know what you’re doing so they don’t think you’ve lost the plot.

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How to Improve Your French Listening

Listening is often the skill that people find the most difficult and needs the most practice. It is common when learning most foreign languages, and French is no different, especially when they finish most of their words. But don’t worry, there are many ways to improve your French listening skills. You need a little practice.

Have Conversations with French Speakers

Speaking French will improve your speaking skills and your listening skills. People make a common mistake when listening because they think that they will become better listeners if they hear French. When you listen, you need to interact with the language, knowing whether to answer questions or answer like in a conversation. That is why it is so effective to talk. Because when you listen to someone speak, you have to listen to what he says to understand. Speaking French is one of the fastest ways to improve your French listening skills and help with your speaking practice.

Watch French Shows With French Subtitles

An exciting way to improve your French listening skills is to watch TV shows in French. If your level is C1 or C2, you probably won’t have a problem with this.

But if your level isn’t that advanced yet, you might find it difficult if you’re watching the show without help. You’re not going to learn with osmosis, so there’s no point in listening to something complex and hoping you understand it.

Try to find shows that are a little more suited to your level. So if you are a beginner, you can try children’s TV shows. If your class is intermediate, a sitcom can match your group, and if your French is more advanced, you can move on to French films.

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The subtitles are also a godsend. If you listen to audio in French and read along with French subtitles simultaneously, it will help you a lot when listening. You will be able to match what you read on the screen with what you hear, making it easier for you to identify the French sounds you hear. Not to mention that it will help your French reading skills simultaneously.

Practice French

As we mentioned earlier, you won’t improve your listening by listening alone. It is best to interact with the material you are listening to. Like that, you can test how much you understand and take on an active role rather than a passive one.

To Wrap It Up

Wondering how to boost your French skills online? Check the article one more time and get the most out of it!