Long Range TV Antenna

Installing a long range TV antenna is a great way to supplement your television viewing experience, especially if you are cutting the cord. What signals you get depends on several factors, including your geographic location and what kind of antenna you have. Read on to learn how to pick the right long range TV antenna for your home.


One of the most important factors in choosing long range TV antennas, a longer range allows you to capture better signals from the broadcaster. The best option is to buy an antenna with a long range, allowing you to capture a strong signal. Always check your distance from broadcasting towers to make sure you buy an antenna with sufficient range to pick up good signals.

Single or Multi-Directional

If you want the most variety of signals to watch, you’ll want a multi-directional antenna to pick up signals from multiple directions. However, if you’re only interested in a few signals, or if the only strong signals are coming from one direction, you can go with a single directional antenna. It is worth noting that multi-directional antennas are the more expensive option, so if the price is a limiting factor, you might be stuck with a single directional antenna.

If you live in a rural area, as large areas of Australia, then geography might be your limiting factor. In countries like Australia, you might even be limited in what antenna designs are available for you to choose from!


Broadcast television uses two kinds of frequencies, Ultra-High Frequencies (UHF) and Very-High Frequencies (VHF). While most antennas today are made to pick up both frequencies, not all do. Make sure the antenna you buy can pick up both frequencies to ensure you have the best variety in signals.

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If you choose to install your antenna yourself, you’ll want an easy one to install. You want an antenna with clear instructions and the proper equipment. If you need to buy an extender pole for your antenna, attach the antenna to the pole before installing it to stay as safe as possible during installation, especially if it is going on the roof, or high on the side of the house.


Outdoor antennas can be expensive, especially if they come with a lot of bells and whistles. Some have remote controls for adjusting direction, or even pre-assembled parts to make the install easier. If you don’t need all that, you might be happier with just a basic antenna that you can buy and put up on your roof.

Long Range TV Antenna

Buying a long range TV antenna is a great option when you are looking to get rid of your expensive cable packaging and still want your local channels. You want an antenna that has a long range and can pick up a variety of signals. Make a list of what you want from an antenna before you buy!

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