how to share screen on skype

Sometimes it becomes necessary to show the interlocutor what is happening on your monitor. In such cases, the question arises of how to enable a screen demonstration in Skype. Here we will talk about how to share screen on skype.

This is easy enough to do:

  • select from the list of contacts;
  • right-click and click on “Show screen” or “Demo”.

The second way to make a screen shot on Skype is even simpler:

  • during a call or conversation, click on the plus button;
  • and select the option you want.

Screen sharing test

Since the screen sharing capabilities in Skype are limited, sometimes there are some difficulties associated with the incorrect operation of the application. There are problems with image quality, sound or video. It is worth recalling that the interlocutor cannot track your actions on it (the cursor is not visible).

Video Quality Check

In order to show your screen on Skype, you need the Internet, which will work without interruption. If this condition is met, then problems should not arise. But if you still encounter difficulties, you should restart the application or contact support, following their further recommendations.

Sound check

Skype has an audio calibration feature. If you are sure that all the elements are working, you should use this option.

  • Open the application and by clicking on the “Tools” icon, select “Sound Settings”.
  • Check if the headset is inserted into the system unit, select your device in the “Microphone” section.
  • Use the slider to mark the sound limit.
  • Uncheck the “Auto setup” function.
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If the interlocutor still does not hear you – restart the application or contact support.

How to enable screen sharing in Skype

There are two ways to display the screen in Skype: directly during a conversation and before it starts, by selecting the desired contact. The interface may vary slightly depending on the version of the application.

On computer and laptop

Now we will talk about how to enable screen translation in Skype on a computer and laptop. Actions are performed identically on these two types of devices.

The first way:

  • open the application;
  • select the desired contact from the list;
  • left-click on it;
  • In the text menu, select “Show Screen” or “Screen Show”.

There is another option:

  • select the desired contact;
  • Call him;
  • wait for the conversation to start;
  • click the “+” icon on the bottom panel;
  • select “Screen Demo”.

Screen demonstration in the new version of Skype by this method is possible, but with the latest update the interface has become different. Instead of the “+” sign is now an icon with two squares, click on it. A demo window opens in front of you, select the desired image. Turn on the sound if necessary.

How to enable screen sharing on Android and iOS via Skype?

Unfortunately, the application updates available for today cannot show the screen on Skype on a phone with an Android and iOS operating system, but if you get a call from a computer, you can easily see the interlocutor’s monitor.

How to share your screen with Skype, from your Android smartphone or tablet

Launch the Skype application on your Android telephone and make a sound or video call. During a call, tap … (Propelled alternatives).

  • Skype for Android should show a few of catches at the bottom of the screen. one among them is named Share screen. Snap thereon.
  • Skype inquires on whether you consent to “[…] begin catching everything on your screen.” If you would like to share your screen, consent to the present and tap Start now. On the off chance that you simply don’t need Skype to ask you something very similar whenever you share it together with your screen, select the “Don’t show once more” check box.
  • People you visit with on Skype can likewise observe the screen of your Android telephone continuously. While you’re doing this, your screen features a slender red fringe round the edges so you realize that others can perceive what you’re doing on your telephone.
  • If you not got to share your screen in Skype, open the Skype application and snap on the “Quit sharing” button, which is found both within the lower and upper pieces of the talk window.
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This is it! Appreciate profitable Skype calls utilizing your Android telephone.

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How to share your screen with Skype, iPhone or iPad

Make a sound or video call utilizing the Skype application from your iPhone or iPad. At that time during the discussion, click the … (Propelled Settings) button within the lower right corner of the screen.

  • Skype for iOS shows a few of catches at the bottom of the screen. Tap the screen called Share.
  • Skype reveals to you that “everything on your screen, including warnings, are going to be recorded […]”. Beneath this message may be a rundown of utilizations which will get screen recording tapes. Parchment if fundamental and press to settle on Skype. At that time click Start Broadcast.
  • After three seconds, your iPhone or iPad will start broadcasting all that you simply do on the screen. The individuals you talk with on Skype would now be ready to see your screen continuously.
  • When you share your screen, a red edge is shown at the very best point of the screen, which allows you to ascertain that others can see your screen.
  • If you not got to share your screen on Skype, click the red bar at the very best point of the screen, and afterward click Stop.

This is the way you share your screen with Skype utilizing your iPhone or iPad.

Possible problems

Even in such a simple process, like showing your screen on Skype, a number of difficulties can arise that will interfere with a normal conversation. 

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Why does my interlocutor slow down and interrupt the image?

In order for the screen demonstration in Skype to take place without brakes and interruption, it is worth checking the stability of the network connection to you and the interlocutor. Poor speed is the main cause of the malfunction.

If the problems do not stop, you should reinstall the application or contact support.

Unable to capture window

If the interlocutor does not see the broadcast completely, then let him click “Full Screen Mode” on the taskbar in the right edge of the window. In the settings, change the screen resolution, this will affect the image coverage.

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