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Did you know that the signature three stripe Adidas trainers have been around for more than 70 years?

Since the very first simple leather pair, Adidas has been making waves. The first iteration was a brown leather pair of football shoes with screw-in studs. The German football team wore them when they faced the formerly unbeatable Hungarian team in the world cup final. When they won, Adidas reached global acclaim.

Now, Adidas isn’t just for professional footballers. Adidas makes shoes that can be worn stylishly off the pitch. The most popular Adidas shoes are at the intersection of form and function.

If you’re trying to pick your next favorite pair of shoes, read on. We’ve compiled this guide to the most popular Adidas shoes right now, so you can pick the best pair for you!

1. Yeezy 750 Boost

The Yeezy 750 Boosts were the first pair of Yeezys to be released after Kanye West left Nike. Somewhere between a sneaker and low boot, these shoes come in a selection of neutral, desert tones like dark brown, black, tan, and gray.

The high-top Boosts are more subtle than future Yeezy iterations but are still forward-thinking without being too over the top. They were only produced in a limited run, so it can be difficult to cop a pair. You can buy some on the resell market, but be prepared to drop about $1500.

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2. Yeezy Moon Grey Foam Runner

What the 750 Boost lacks in eccentricity, the Foam Runner more than makes up for it. The Moon Grey iteration is half-gray, half-sand colored, and features the bubbled and honey-combed soles that make them so iconic.

This unique accent is what makes them some of the most popular Adidas shoes of all time.

3. Adidas Ultraboost Summer Tokyo

If you’re looking for something more functional, check out some of the most popular Adidas running shoes, the Ultraboosts. There are two different color schemes to the Summer Tokyo version: white and black.

The white version has white netting with a white sole with a red graffiti design. The black version is entirely black except for the three white Adidas stripes and a graffiti pattern on the sole.

They’re always releasing new versions of the Adidas Ultra, so be sure to stay tuned with the release radar!

4. Adidas Gazelle

The Adidas Gazelle are some of the most popular Adidas shoes of all time. They’re incredibly versatile and stylish.

They don’t stand out as much as the other pairs on this list. Instead, they’re designed for daily wear.

The Gazelle has a white sole, a suede upper body, and the classic Adidas white stripes. The suede material makes them the perfect lifestyle sneaker with a touch of class. In addition, they’re available in every color you could possibly want, so they’ll match any outfit.

5. The Rod Laver

Continuing their legacy as athletic shoe manufacturers, Adidas makes shoes for almost every sport including tennis. In 1970, Adidas created the Rod Laver shoes. Pure white with a touch of green, these became some of the most popular white Adidas shoes.

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They even got very popular among skateboarders and were a major stepping stone to Adidas breaking into other sports markets.

6. Adidas Sambas

The Sambas are functional soccer shoes. They started as performance shoes in 1950, and slowly became a favorite of casual soccer fan ruffians who love the shoes almost as much as they love the game.

The Samba is made up of black leather with touches of suede and white stripes. In addition, it has a brown, gummy sole.

There are a few versions with patterned leather and thicker soles for a more fashion-forward look that can pair with upscale outfits. If you’re looking for a version with a bit more suede and color, check out the Adidas Stockholm.

7. Adidas Futurecraft 4D at StockX

Adidas released the Futurecraft 4D to promote sustainability. The design is fairly simple, a black and gray netting body with a 3D printed sole that is almost mesh-like.

What makes them unique, is how they’re produced. These sneakers are 3D printed using the patented Carbon’s Digital Light Synthesis Technology. In addition, it is completely constructed out of recycled materials.

Investing in the Futurecraft 4D is an investment in sustainability, and reduces the amount of material that needs to be consumed to create a new pair of shoes.

8. Adidas LA Trainers

The Adidas LA debuted in 1984 and turned into one of the best-selling Adidas shoes of all time. This original pair has a tan and white body, with black stripes, and three colored pegs on the sole. Now, there are many different color schemes to match any style.

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The key features of the design are the pegs, which are used to adjust the cushion in the sole. Replacing and removing different pegs can provide different levels of cushioning.

9. Adidas Top Ten

Adidas reached a peak in the 70s and 80s, producing a series of instant hits in the basketball shoe market. The Top Tens were some of the best-selling shoes during that period.

The Top Tens were designed for Rick Berry, a professional basketball star. After he started wearing them, Adidas released a commercial version that flew off the shelves.

Snag Some of the Most Popular Adidas Shoes for Yourself

Now that you know some of the most popular Adidas shoes on the market, pick out your favorite and cop a pair for yourself today! While all of these shoes are worth dropping your paycheck on, with some savvy shopping you won’t have to spend that much. Adidas prides itself in producing affordable and fashion-forward shoes.

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