No one wants to leave home appliance decisions to the last minute. We have all been in a situation where something has broken at the worst possible time, and we are forced to admit that we ignored the warning signs because it did not seem like a convenient moment to pay for a replacement. We have also all been guilty of thinking about how nice it would be to have a new appliance in our homes and left it so long that the moment somehow passes. 

Given how stressful and difficult things have been over the last couple of years, it seems fair to say that we all need to stop creating these difficult and disappointing situations. It is true that there are going to be some difficult times to come in the months ahead that will have an impact on our household decision making. We are going to be facing rising costs that could make a serious dent in our monthly budgets. We know that it is getting more and more important to cut down on our carbon footprints, and our home appliances can be one of the biggest culprits. We also know how important it is going to be to catch up with our loved ones and families this year after such a tough two years. With these factors in mind, here are some home appliances that you should think about adding or replacing this year.

Add: Garden Cooking Appliances

There is something so special about having your friends and family over for a big cook-out in the garden. It is the kind of thing that we all missed deeply over the last couple of years, and we are sure that you have been keeping a close eye on the weather over the last few weeks to see if it is warm and sunny enough to tell your loved ones to come on over for some food in the fresh air. If you want to up your game this summer, then it is high time to think about getting serious with your outdoor cooking appliances. 

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If you and your family cannot get enough of fresh delicious pizza, then there is no better investment than a proper pizza oven. The Ooni Pizza Oven range features several different options to suit your property and price range, and they have resources and recipes to help you make the perfect pizza every time. If you want to find out more about the pizza ovens they have on offer, visit

Replace: Your Water Heater

Now, most of us do not tend to think about our water heaters too much in the middle of the summer. Generally speaking, they are being put through a lot less strain and they do not give us too many causes for concern. It may sound counter-intuitive, but that is exactly the time when we should think about replacing them, or at the very least getting them inspected. You do not want to be facing a boiler breakdown when the weather takes a turn for the worse in the Autumn or facing a lack of hot water in the middle of a snap deep freeze (we have all seen the stories coming out of Texas in the last couple of years, for example). Pay an inspector to come to your home and give your water heater the once-over. They can be expensive to replace but you will avoid the associated costs of doing so at an inconvenient time.

Replace: Your Stove

There are very few things in our homes more aggravating than a cooker that simply will not do what it is supposed to do. How many times have you had to tell your dinner guests that the food will just be a few more minutes, or had to apologize because the oven has somehow burnt the entire meal to a crisp in the ten seconds that you had your back to it? If you have been meaning to do something about your unsatisfactory stove for a while now, then you can greatly reduce your stress levels and improve your cooking by pulling the trigger on that decision now. 

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You should also think about looking at a new cooker if the buttons have started being temperamental. If you have a gas stove, then remember that the igniter not working properly is something that needs to be inspected sooner rather than later. On the note of safety, it is so important that you pay a professional to replace your cooker instead of doing it yourself. Remember that even if you think that you know where the gas and/or electrical connections are, it only takes the smallest mistake to create a serious health and safety hazard. 

Replace: Your Washer Dryer

If there is one appliance in our homes that never gets a break, it must be the old washer and dryer. This is especially true for anyone with a family, as we all know that kids somehow create laundry at a rate that seems impossible to comprehend. As time goes on, the parts of your washer-dryer will start to wear down, and they can easily get clogged up with hair, fluff and residue from detergent and conditioner that has not been washed away properly. 

Even if you clean your machines regularly, they will start to function less efficiently over time. That means more wash cycles and, more importantly, more time for your clothes in the dryer. It is so important to remember that washer-dryers are one the biggest culprits out there when it comes to using energy. Right now, we know that energy bills are going to get higher and higher, so this is a problem that needs addressing. Buying a new washer-dryer is never going to be cheap, but you should note that a newer model will have a better energy efficiency rating than your older machine. That means that you will notice the difference on your bills, and you will be doing your bit for the environment.

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Add: An Energy Meter

Speaking of your energy bills, a lot of us tend to wait on the edge of our seats to find out how much we are going to be charged at the end of the month. There has been a lot of concern in the last couple of months about what the current global political situation is going to mean for energy prices in the US, and the sad truth is that there is nothing that you can do about whether they are going to go up or not. 

What you can do is give yourself a better idea of how much energy you are using from day to day. Adding an energy meter to your home will take a lot of the uncertainty out of the situation for you and give you greater peace of mind. It will also help you to get proactive about saving energy before that bill comes through your letterbox.

Replace: The Batteries In Your Smoke Detectors

Finally, this is something that we all need to do. It is recommended that you change the batteries in your smoke detectors every six months. This may be less fun than getting a new fridge, but this is arguably one of the most important things that you can do in your home.