If you would like to light up your home so it’s easier to see at night, you might appreciate a few tips. Lighting up your home can potentially make it look much nicer. In addition to this, those who visit your home will be able to see where they can and can’t walk. However, lighting up your home can be easier said than done. 

Let’s take a look at a few tips that can help you to light up your home’s exterior. 

Light Up Your Entrances 

One of the first things that you should do is to light up your entrances. Returning to a dark home can make it hard to see. There’s always a chance that you’ll trip over a stone or miss a step. In addition to this, a light outside of your home can help to deter potential thieves. 

Use lighting that is specifically made to be installed outside. Lighting such as this will be weatherproof and is likely to be ok when it’s hit with rain or snow. If you’re not sure what type of lighting you need to buy or you cannot install it, ask a local electrician to help you.

Your Home’s Security 

Consider using security lighting that switches on whenever someone walks near your property. LED lights are the brightest and they are great at helping you to identify anyone near your home.  

Consider lighting up all of the doors to your home and garage. You may also want to light up the entrance to your driveway. Again, using motion sensor lights can be ideal. Lights such as these are unlikely to be a nuisance to your or your neighbors. Flood lights can be even more of a nuisance. They can potentially blind anyone who comes close to your home. On some occasions, they may even be dangerous. Instead, opt for gentle lighting that highlights your home rather than lights it and everywhere else up. 

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Use Few Lights

When it comes to lighting up your home, you should be careful not to use too much lighting. Use a few lights instead and highlight your entrances, as discussed above. If you want to add some more lights here and there, you could always light up your landscaping. If, for example, there’s a part of your garden that you love, light that up. One or two lights pointed toward your favorite area can make it look even nicer. 

Think about all of the areas of your garden that you want to highlight. You could highlight the occasional bit of pathway, your sitting area, and anywhere else you may spend time. Using a few lights here and there will create a much more pleasant effect than too many. 

Ensure The Lighting Matches Your Home 

Try to make sure that the lighting around your home’s exterior matches your home. If you have something of a traditional home, very modern lighting may not work. If you have a large home, floodlights may make it look like a hotel. 

Ideally, the lights that you add will match or even complement your home. Consider a variety of lights before you install them permanently. Think about the colors that will complement your home’s exterior. Consult a color chart if you’re not sure which ones you could use. 

Consider Using Gentle Colors 

If you want to make your lighting look a little special, consider using some gentle colors here and there. Colors such as gold, yellow, greens, and blues can look quite nice. You may not want to add lights that make your home look like a club, so gentle shades are ideal. 

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Adding a bit of color here and there can look quite spectacular. The occasional blue light, for example, can add a bit of depth to the coloring. Gold lighting can make your home or garden look a little more sophisticated. Consider having gold light bulbs placed on every other light fitting. Too much can make the area look more like an entertainment venue. 

Use Smart Lights 

Smart lights can do wonders for lighting up your home. They can ensure that your lights switch on at a specific time of the night. For example, they can switch on just before it gets dark so you can see where your driveway is. You can also choose when your lights switch off so you don’t use up too much energy. 

Lighting up your home’s exterior can make a huge difference to your home. Not only can they make areas of your garden easier to see, but they can also add a layer of security. Experimenting with colors can help your home to look vibrant or modest. Lastly, adding lighting to your home can make sitting out at might a little more pleasing. Use the above tips to help you light up your home.