Top 5 Custom Tap Handles That Will Make Your Bar Stand Out

If you want to make the interior of your bar the most stylish and original, pay attention to the choice of custom tap handles. This is a great way to make your place stand out and attract even more customers.

What Is a Beer Tap Handle?

Beer Tap Handle is a tap that is used to control the flow of beer. To connect the handle to the beer tap, you need to screw it onto the tap lever, moving clockwise. You can position the beer handle so that all visitors of your bar could see a label of what variety is served from there.

Depending on how you use your beer tap handle, you can pour more or less foam:

  • If you turn on the tap, pulling it forward, the drink will be more foamy.
  • We recommend that you pull the handle in a smooth motion. First, this reduces the wearing process of the mechanism. And secondly, the beer won’t be so foamy.

Best Custom Tap Handles That Will Make Your Bar Stand Out

Custom tap handles come in different sizes, designs and shapes. Now it is more than just a means for serving beer. With this tool you can advertise your brand, personalize your place, as well as attract new customers who are sure to want to try new varieties.

Do you know where to buy custom tap handles? The Canadian company Beverage Craft is here to help you: in the range of this brand there are more than 30 different models that will meet the needs of even the most demanding buyers.

We have chosen the 5 most popular products that you can customize as you like:

  1. White ceramic handle;
  2. Black ceramic;
  3. Products of wood;
  4. White wooden;
  5. Black Wooden.

To choose the right model, please contact Beverage Craft consultants and send your request:

  • Material;
  • Color;
  • Shape;
  • A sketch of the logo, sign or image to be applied to the chosen product.

When choosing Beverage Craft, you get the highest quality products made of durable materials and suitable for any modern brewing system. With such custom tap handles your bar or restaurant will become even more popular!