Fabric for Covers of Your Patio Furniture

The outdoor space has become a necessity these days for any house. It is the area that allows you to enjoy the lazy summer days, an outdoor family get-together, and barbeque party with friends or to throw a birthday bash for your loved ones. We go a long way to decorate it with elegant outdoor furniture. But while doing so we seldom forget that those require proper maintenance too. We fail to take care of them, and your cherished cozy patio will no longer remain a welcoming place. Covering them would be the best option but choosing the right fabric for the covers can sometimes be tricky. Making the right choice here will prove to be a good decision in the long run.

There are many kinds of fabric available in the market these days for the covers but the right one is sure to change the fate of your outdoor furniture. It not only will increase the durability but will also help to keep the color from fading away.

Synthetic blend fabric covers

The most important weather condition we want to protect our outdoor furniture is the rain. So, the primary requisite for such a fabric is to be water-resistant that would repel water and also dry within no time. The synthetic blend of cotton and polyester is being used to make these kinds of furniture covers. But they have some disadvantages as well. Prolonged outdoor exposure can make it brittle within a short time. That doesn’t make it a bad choice of fabric for the covers. Only you need to take proper care (the same goes for any fabric you choose) for a longer lifespan. 

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The weight and thickness of the fabric

The thickness of a fabric is what adds weight to it. Light and flimsy covers won’t do justice to protect your patio chairs or couches from damages caused by harsh winds. Snow and rain can easily cause harm if such covers are used. On the other hand, if we choose a fabric that’s too bulky and needs quite an effort to put on and remove, then surely that will annoy you as they are very cumbersome. The soft polyester fabric can be used as it is not only durable but also easy to maintain. 

The fabric should be breathable

Covers meant for outdoor furniture should be breathable. The air inside the covers tends to become too dry and musty if the fabric used to make this cover doesn’t allow the air to pass through them freely. When such covers are used, it can lead to the growth of molds and mildews. A mesh vent can be incorporated into these covers with proper flaps to prevent such damages. The canvas should be the option for making covers for warm and dry regions. They are highly durable and come in many designs for you to select from.

If you lay your finger on the right fabric and have the time and energy to make the covers all by yourself, then it would be the perfect option because no one would know better what would suit your furniture the best. 


If you abide by these guidelines, then you are sure to find the right fabric to cover your outdoor furniture regardless of the climate you live in.