It’s safe to say that most pieces of furniture will need minor repairs after a year or two in your home. From small scuffs to tiny misalignments, these inconveniences might not be enough to make you stop using the furniture altogether.

Of course, thanks to the growing DIY market—and because the average home has around nine projects to be done—most of us are used to doing a quick fix to get old pieces looking like new.

But when you have a piece of broken furniture, should you take the time to fix it, or is it better to look for a replacement?

If you’re on the fence, there are a few reasons you might want to consider repairing an old piece instead of shopping for an upgrade. Here are the main arguments for investing your time and money in repairs.

It’s Economical

First things first: taking the time to fix your busted furniture is always more economical than purchasing a new piece. While repairs may require you to invest in parts and labor, the final cost tends to be far less than the cost of an outright replacement. Better still, if you have the DIY skills to fix furniture yourself, you’ll spend even less money.

It’s Less Wasteful

In a similar vein, it’s worth noting that thinking of furniture as disposable can be a wasteful mindset. Furniture shouldn’t be something you replace every few years, as planning for permanence rather than obsolescence can make you a more responsible consumer.

In addition, taking the time to repair furniture is more eco-friendly in the long run. This option doesn’t waste existing materials, nor does it call for the use of new materials for a replacement item.

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It Preserves a Legacy

Many pieces of furniture come with a legacy. This is especially true if you own handcrafted or antique pieces of furniture, both of which can have significant monetary value.

However, it’s also worth considering the emotional legacy of your furniture. Whether you repair a table on which your grandparents served meals or a chair in which your mother rocked you to sleep, many household items are worth preserving. Consider repairing these pieces to honor the past and pass this legacy on to your loved ones.

It’s Easier Than You Think

If you’re hoping to save money with a DIY repair, you might be pleased to know that these fixes are often easier than you’d think. All you’ll need to do is get your hands on the right replacement parts and materials. Though you may need special tools, many home improvement stores rent crafting tools and can offer specific repair tips as needed.

In many cases, repairs can be as simple as tightening your box section legs into place, buffing and refinishing a wooden surface, or adding tinted putty to fill in small holes. Do your research, and you might find that your plan of attack will be simpler than you thought!

Take Time to Repair Your Broken Furniture

Whether you’re looking to save money, help the environment, or learn a new DIY task, there are plenty of reasons to repair your broken furniture. With a few simple tools and materials, you can preserve a treasured item that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.

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