On Valentine’s Day, everyone wants to show their significant other just how much they love them. Wine, roses, candlelit dinner and chocolates are only some of the classic V-Day treats people choose for the love of their life. All those textbook gifts are great ideas, but they’re not particularly original. If you want to show your significant other exactly how much they mean to you then a handmade gift might be a much better idea. 

In this post we give you a few ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts you can easily make yourself at home. 

Photo Scrapbook

There’s nothing more special you can give your partner than a book filled with all of the mementoes and photos of your relationship. Scrapbooks are easy to put together even if you don’t have much artistic skill. You can get a premade scrapbook that you can just fill with all of your precious memories. 

All you have to do is print out photos of you and your partner and put together any memories you have such as tickets to concerts you’ve been to together, boarding passes from your holiday, etc. You can write cute messages or use stickers to add some more personal touches. 

Baked Goods

Love goes through the stomach as they say. A classic way of telling someone “I love you” is baking something special for them. This can be something simple such as sugar cookies in the shape of hearts, chocolate truffles or something more complex like a classic red velvet cake for instance. 

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If you have experience with baking you can even try some more intricate recipes such as crème Brule, macarons or profiteroles. If you want your bakes to come out looking good, don’t forget to put baking paper in the tray. Decorate them with tiny heart-shaped sprinkles for a finishing touch and arrange them on a fancy plate or in a heart-shaped chocolate box and done! Your significant other would absolutely swoon!

Romantic Home Cooked Dinner

If baking isn’t quite your forte, you could instead cook a romantic meal for two. The options for a romantic menu are endless, it all depends on your skill level in the kitchen. 

A classic idea for a romantic meal is spaghetti Bolognese (we’ve all seen the scene in Lady and The Tramp). This is also a beginner-friendly meal so you don’t have to worry much about messing it up. Another meal suitable for someone who doesn’t spend much time in the kitchen is baked salmon with new potatoes. 

If you want to really woo your significant other and have a bit more experience with cooking a dinner staple you can prepare is steak. You can serve it with a side of your choice, but we recommend potato wedges or mash and some greens such as green beans or asparagus. 

Once you have decided on the menu you should also choose a wine to go with your dinner. Red wine for red meats and white wine for fish and chicken. Then set the atmosphere with some lit candles, roses and some romantic music. 

Air-dry Clay Trinket Plate

Air-dry clay is a great material for DIY-ing with. It’s easy to work with, it dries fast and is very versatile. You can make tons of different items using clay, such as incense holders, small mantlepiece figures, and much more. 

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A DIY project that is easy to make with clay, if you don’t have much experience, is a trinket plate. You can make it any shape you want but for Valentine’s Day, we would suggest going with a classic heart shape. 

Simply follow the instructions on the pack of clay to roll it out and shape your plate. After you’re happy with the shape, leave it to dry for the amount of time advised on the packaging. Paint your trinket plate in fun colours using acrylic paints or markers. Depending on the paint you use you might have to use a spray paint sealer which will protect the paint from any chips, scratches and smudges. 

Bath Bombs

If your partner loves relaxation and unwinding after a long day, why not gift them handmade bath bombs in their favourite scents? Bath bombs are fairly easy to make and you can get all the ingredients you need for them from the drug store or your local supermarket. All you need is baking soda, Epsom salt, cornstarch and citric acid.

You mix all of the ingredients and then add fragrance oils of your choice. You can also add glitter or dried flowers to add a special touch. Press the mix into a mould or shape your bath bomb with your hands. 

Painted Wine Glasses

This is a project you can do quite easily and it wouldn’t take too much time. All you need is a couple of basic wine glasses and some glass paint. Carefully read the instructions on the paint to make sure you seal it correctly as some class paint needs to be sealed by baking in the oven, while others just need a coat of clear spray paint on top.

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You can let your creativity go wild and paint all sorts of delicate shapes and patterns. Flowers, hearts, whatever your heart desires. Even if your art skills aren’t that great, it’s the thought that counts. Once you have your painted wine glasses you can purchase a bottle of wine to go in them.