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A shirt is the name of a formal garment. A Basic Shirt is a cloth garment for the upper body. There are more types of the shirt are available in the world. Today I share the most important parts of the shirt with details function. So read this full of my content carefully.

Basically, 2 categories shirt is available such that men’s shirt and Women’s shirt. Man’s and women’s shirt outlook the same but the shape, Measurement, and design are different. The women’s Shirt probably the difference of the look as it is designed to be much narrower than a men’s shirt. So many parts are needed to assemble to make a shirt. All separate parts have an individual name. Here is t-shirt design.

Different types of sewing machine Parts are required to manufacture a shirt as like Pressure feet, Needle, Bobbin, Thread, Pattern, etc.

In this article, I try to describe different types of shirt parts name and there functions.

Different Parts of the shirts Name

There are top 15 parts of shirts Name and details function are given below.


In upper clothing, the part around the neck either upright or turned over is called collar. The collar is the top parts of the shirt part. It is the most important parts of a basic Shirt. Without the collar, parts can’t complete a shirt. Collar parts basically 2 part need to sewing first. After sewing need to Turnover and Poke out and Press. In below have the second part of the collar. This part Name is Collar Band. The Below Collar Band Need to attach with collar top part. After attaching Make fulfill the Shirt Collar. There are different types of collars design are available in the market like a one-piece collar, Two pieces collar, Sports Open Collar, Multi pieces collar.

Back Part

As per style back part has so many Different constrictions. Like Back dart, Back Pleat, Back Yoke Etc. if Back have yoke then Back should be 2 part, 1st one is yoke part and 2nd one is Body Part. Back part should be joining By Over-lock machine then turn over and Topstitch by DN Machine or SN Machine. On the other hand base on design back part constriction also different

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Pocket is one of the basic parts of a Men’s shirt. Different types of the shirt have different types of pocket. Such that Patch pocket, Cargo pocket, Harmony Pocket, Mock Pocket, Welt Pocket. Actually, Shirt Pocket is using to keep something like dollar, Coin or any Small Document.

Different types of pocket are different shape some are Square pocket, Hexagonal pocket, plain pocket, a round pocket, Hemmed pocket, etc. Shirt pocket mainly attaching by Single Needle Lock Stitch (SN) machine or Dabble Needle Lock Stitch (DN) Machine. Nowadays some auto pocket attaching machine is also using for pocket attach. This types of heavy Machine use for the bulk production in apparels factory. Please see the below Auto Pocket attaching video.

Center Front:

In the front side of a shirt has two separate parts, one is left the side and the other is the right side. The middle point of the left and right side is named as Center Front. Different types of Center Front design is also different. Basic Formal shirt front middle point Name is Placket. This placket mainly uses for button attach. This Placket helps to wear the Shirt.


The shoulder is the main part of a shirt. Accurate Shoulder fitting is looking nice on your body. If shoulder Measurement not ok shirt fitting also looking ugly. Before buying a shirt you should check the shoulder measurement properly. Shoulder Basically 2 part Left and Right. On the sewing time, shoulder 2 part should join before Collar attaches by 4 threads Overclock. Please See the below Video how to join Shirt Shoulder.

Shoulder Yoke:

Man’s or Women Shirt showing different types of shoulder yoke. This Shoulder yoke mainly uses for decoration purpose.

A yoke is a shaped pattern piece which forms part of a garment, usually fitting around the neck and shoulders, or around the hips to provide support for looser parts of the garment, such as a gathered skirt or the body of a shirt.

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The flap is the design part of the Shirt Pocket. Different Types of Flap design are seen in Different Shirt, some are Triangular, Square, etc. Every Flap has one Reese hole for button close. Snap button also can attach in flap for safety issue.


The sleeve is the most important parts of the shirt. Many kinds of sleeve designs are available on the shirt. The sleeves are also very different between the Men’s and Women’sdesign. On women shirt sleeve much shorter than a men’s shirt. Man’s shirt basically 2 types of sleeve short and long. One shirt has 2 sleeve par one is left sleeve and the other one called Right sleeve.


Cuff is one of the main parts of the Sleeve. Sleeve below have one separate part is call Cuff part. Most of the shirt has this part. Men’s or women’s shirt can add the Sleeve cuff. Various shape of the cuff part is available. 1. Notched, Squared, Rounded, pointed, One-piece Cuff, two pieces cuff.  Without cuff also have some shirt sleeve. It should be made by self-fabric Hem by Fold Stitch.

Side Seam:

Side seam means Back and front part attaching position. Both sides need to attach By Overlook Marching inside seam area. However side seam has a special

Bottom Hem:

Bottom hem means below of shirt hem. The Bottom edge of a piece of shirt cloth that has been turned under and sewn by Sewing Machine. There are so many design bottom hem is available. Basically, 2 types of bottom hem are popular for basic man’s shirt one is Classic (Curve) Cut Hem and another is Straight Cut hem. Sometimes you were looking for a different type of bottom shirt without this two. Yes actually as per design bottom hem also can differ. How to making a bottom hem please see the Video.


the label is very special and the main parts of shirts. One shirt has so many labels like Care label, Buyer label, Size label, Hanger Loop Label, Heat seal label, etc. The country-wise label is also different In Garments. Care label should be attached on side seam position and size label should join in neck position inner side. Generally, Buyer label joins in the inner neck position on men’s shirt.

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Button Hole:

Buttonhole usually use for the center from placket Button close. The shirt has 2 part center front placket one is upper part another is a lower part. There is one part used for the buttonhole part. Different types of buttonhole design are available with different measurement. The basic shirt has 7 or 8 Buttonhole. One buttonhole must be needed on Collar Corner Edge position.

Button Attach:

The button is the most important part of Basic shirt. Without Button, you can’t wear your shirt or close your center front. Button Should be attached to the center front placket of your shirt. Before button attach must need to mark by pencil to push through the buttonhole. The button does not adjust with buttonhole If you are not following this marking.  You can use design able button in your dress shirt like Snap button, Normal Button, Hook Button, Loop Button, etc.

In the market, so many auto buttons attach machine is available.  Shirt manufacturing Factory uses this special machine for its bulk production. There are different types of button attach machine needed for different types of button size. Especially 2, 3 and 4 holes button may there.

Some special Button attaches machine name also mention below for your reference.

  • Sami Auto Button attach machine
  • Auto Button attach machine
  • Snap Button attach machine (Manual)
  • Auto Snap Button attach machine.

Note: This types of machine cant used for the normal purpose. Special care and sufficient knowledge are necessary for using this machine.

Final Word:

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