Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is an amazing action game for Android Operating System, there are millions of players in a Garena Free Fire. The official game is a little bit hard to play, however, there are we have shared some useful app that helps you to make it easy. So now download any one of the apps and start improving your gaming experience.

Once you hack the game you will easily beat your enemies. As well as the respective applications provide other amazing features such as you can increase diamonds, coins, and jewels. And some of the applications are fully authorize you to track all the current activities of players in the gameplay. Fin the correct location and kill them without any hassle. This is not end, more details you can explore below.

Garena Free Fire

Indeed, cheating totally conceivable in this game using game mods (APKs/IPAs, for example, aimbots, wallhacks, spread, upgraded point help, and more for both Android and iOS operating systems of Free Fire Battlegrounds. however, it is not to expect to hack server-sided game qualities, for example, your cash/coins, skins, and jewels easily any tool or generators, since this is an online game.

Today we are going to share top there (3) Android apps that help you to hack Garena Free Fire game in a few minutes. The given apps are 100% workable and have anti-ban features that are much more helpful for you.

#1: Antena View

Antena View is one of the most using apps. It is a much easier app to hack the game.  The name indicates that if you use Antena view app then all the players contain Antena on their head of hand, so you can easily find enemies while playing the game. It is a Free app for Android smartphones and tablets. Now every Android user can download free cost.

Features of the the Antena view app:

You already know the Antena view app is the most popular and the easier one to hack the FF game. Let’s see some of its features below.

  • Antena View is the app that helps to hack the Free Fire game easily.
  • This hacking app is also support in the latest version of Free Fire.
  • The gamer will get a platform from this app that helps to play the Garena Free Fire.
  • The developer developed this app only for the Free Fire players.
  • This app will help the gamer to see the other player’s enemy.
  • Interestingly, the Antena View will release a new update every month.
  • You will get an updated security in every update.
  • This app is compatible with virtual Chinese.
  • As a player, you don’t need to clone in virtual.
  • Here you will find an anti-ban function that will secure your game account all times.
  • This app is compatible with any of your devices like rooted or non-rooted.
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Precautions you have to follow:

As you already know this is a hacking app, so, you need to follow some precautions to remain safe. Here we enlist those precautions which you have to follow carefully. 

  1. First of all, you are going to use a hacking app and it is considered illegal. Besides, this app has no connection with the authorized or official Free Fire game. That’s why if Garena Free Fire authority comes to know that you choose any unfair way like hacking to play this, you may punish even put a court case. In this circumstance, you better use a VPN when you start playing through this app. 
  1. You know that VPN is used to hide the user’s actual information. Likewise when you use a VPN for this app then your information will hide from the official game developer. Therefore, we hope that you can easily play without facing any problem. Moreover, it is natural that a gamer wants to protect his actual account. Here the VPN will keep safe the gamers’ actual account from banning.

How to use the Antena View

You already know this app’s features, some precautions, and now we will notify you of how you can use this app.

We notify you that Antena View is a hacking app specially made for the Free Fire game. Here the antenna will help the gamer to catch the signal from the distance and also help to watch the enemies from the distance. Only the enemy! – No this app help to see the line from the map, the enemy’s location, the enemy’s movement like where they go and come from. After all, this app will help the Free Fire gamer to observe the enemy’s details activity.

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Although it is not an amazing app but an interesting feature you may like about this app. That feature is you can play the Free Fire on Antena View without installing it. 

The download process of the Antena View

The Antena View APK app’s download procedure is not complicated enough. All you need to just go to the download location and just click on the download button. You may find that button on the top of the screen.

#2: Free Fire Max

Free Fire Max is another mod and improves version of the Garena Free fire game. It is one of the most famous battle royal game. The developers make changes in graphics, so this version comes with improve version as compare to Garena Free Fire. We include this app in the hacking list because it offers extra think such as you can find enemies easily, changes colors, and smooth graphics.

#3: Godsteam

It is a free Android application, it allows users to get changes in Garena Free Fire games. It also helps you get some exotic features, for example, if you use the Godsteam app then you can run fast, automatic firing, and easily target your enemy. Lets free download for Android smartphones and tablets.

Features of the GodSteam Free Fire app

You already know the GodSteam Free Fire app helps the users by getting changes in Garena Free Fire games. Let’s see some of the GodSteam Free Fire app features below.

  • The automatic head-shot system- This feature from the system of this app automatically fixes the cursor of the screen and aims for the enemies head.
  • Night mode- The player can play in the low light condition because of the automated settings from the system. Here the system helps to change the screen brightness to a warmer skin tone.
  • Locking the target- The gamer will find an effortless way to set the target and lock it easily. Therefore, the killing will become so easy.
  • Anti-ban system- Here you don’t need to do tension for banning the account because this app has Art anti-ban system.   
  • Rain of Bullets- If you face any tight spot, you may use this feature and this feature provides good assistance in the last circle.
  • The pink body-color- This interesting feature helps the gamer to engage the enemy by tracing the enemy on the gamers’ active map area.
  • Speed boosting- This feature lets the gamer engage the enemy by the highest run chase possible.
  • Antena View – Interestingly, this app helps by placing color Antena both on the own players and the enemies. Here the different colors will use for two parties.
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How to Use GodSteam Free Fire Mod Menu

Now, let’s see how you can use this GodSteam Free Fire Mod Menu.

  • First of all, you have to find out the app and download the GodSteam Free Fire APK file on your Smartphone. After that, install it according to their instructions on your Smartphone.
  • When you find your game install perfectly, go to the official game then click on the small ‘Skull menu’.
  • Here on, you can able to hover over to the game’s all features. 
  • Our suggestion is don’t enable all the features rather enable just 4 from them at a time. If you do opposite then the application may get flagged.

If you wish to use GodSteam Free Fire APK on your phone then follow the above-mentioned steps.


Garena Free Fire is one of the most playing battle royale game after fortunate, CODM and PUBG. It has millions of players around the world. Without additional application there is no fun in the game, so don’t waste time and grab one of the best app from given above list and start playing game with extra freedom.