Parts of pant

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Pants are parts of piece clothing worn by men, women, or children below heir other clothes. Pants have two holes to put our legs through and elastic around the waistband or hips to keep them up. Some Constriction is Different between Men’s pants and women pant.

Men’s pants are sometimes referred to as underpants. Women’s pants are sometimes referred to as panties or knickers. And Diriment types of pant have a different name like As Below.

are sometimes referred to as panties or knickers. And Diriment types of pant have a different name like As Below.

  • Jeans pants,
  • Chino Pants,
  • Swimming Short,
  • Judging,
  • Cargo Pants
  • Harem pants.
  • Baggy pants.
  • Bell Bottoms.
  • Skinny Pant.

Generally, 2 types of Fabric maximum use for all types of pants One is Denim Fabric and others are Twill Fabric. In the world have many pants manufacturing company. Every day they produce a huge number of pants with good quality. In this manufacturing company need to segregation the parts of pants for Smoothly Production. It’s called Operation Breakdown.

Parts of pant

Parts of Pants: 

There are a lot of different parts of pants as per design. Some process is a common part of pants. Please see the below Part of pants with Picture.

Back Yoke: Back yoke is the 1st Joining part for making a pant. This part needs to join by Stitch. Different types of Stitch can join the Back yoke. But batter using Feed of the arm machine for back yoke joining.

Back Rise: The Back Rise is the opening parts of Pants. The back 2 parts which need to join 2ndly. After the back rise joins back part almost ready. As per the design, you can add any additional process like Back pocket attach, back Flap attach like.

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Back Pocket:  A Back pocket is one of the main parts of pants where there is Five-pocket. The Back pocket is mostly used for Keep Wallet or others but it also increases the attractiveness of Pant. Two-pocket are in front side and other two Pockets are on the backside of the any Jeans pant.

Coin Pocket: Coin pocket is the small pocket which places in the upper part of the front right pocket of jeans pants. The coin pocket is also known as a Coin or key holder which make the jeans pant more attractive. There is only 1 Coin pocket for Jeans pant. The coin pocket is called a watch pocket.

Waistband: Waistband is one of the main parts of pants. The waistband is made from by fabric which backdrops our waist when we wear jeans pant or any other pants. On this waistband, we mostly wear a belt to fit properly. A pant has one part or tow Part waistband on it But Different Shape. Some Waistband has Elastic for Boys Design.

Waist Loop: Waist Loop is made by self-fabric which need for set waist Belt. Generally, one  chino or denim pant has 5 to 6 loops.

J-Fly: A Fly on any Bottom item is a covering over an opening concealing the mechanism, such as a zip or buttons, used to close the Front opening. An open fly is a fly that has been leftward unzipped or unbuttoned.

Different types of Fly:

  1. Zipper fly
  2. Button Fly
  3. Mock Fly
  4. French fly

Back Yoke:

Jeans with waistlines that are cut higher within the back, and lower within the front, are figure-flattering. the foremost ingratiatory jeans contain 1% to 2% lycra or spandex. This elasticity allows them to carry everything in situ while not totally sacrificing comfort.

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Now, the back yoke allows designers to play with sensory activity illusions that, if used for the proper reason, will enhance your look.

Straight (Horizontal:

This yoke line can create your waist appear wider. Not the foremost flattering unless you would like to stress your curves

V Shape:
Most widely used and most adulatory back yoke cut.
This yoke type will actually enhance a small bottom because the cut clearly outlines a curvy heart shape. It works okay with stretch tight jeans since it permits the pants to adapt to your figure.

Sweet Heart:
This cut is used to attain the “falling pants” look. The illusion is increased by the position of the pockets manner below the butt. This look is nice for a few guys, though not terribly adulatory to any woman’s figure.

Wide Yoke:
The garment is contoured by the use of darts. This look is incredibly conservative, and with a proper fit will work very well for girls with a much bigger bottom.