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There’s not many things more frustrating than switching on your TV and being presented with a fuzzy image, distorted sound, or nothing but snow. To fix this, you need to boost your antenna signal.

So how can you do this?

In this guide, we’re going to take a look at how to boost antenna signal and get a clearer image and clearer sound on your TV.

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1. Try Scanning for Channels Again

Your TV may not be trying to catch TV stations on the right frequency. If this is the case, you’ll need to run a scan on your TV to find the stations again.

To do this, you’ll want to unplug the coaxial cable that connects your TV to the aerial, then run the channel scan. To do this, you’ll need to go into your TV’s menu system. The exact path that you’ll need to take will vary between manufacturers, so we’d recommend that you check your manual.

Once you’ve run the scan, unplug your TV from the wall and wait for a minute. Then plug it back into the power and reconnect the coaxial cable. Now it’s time to run one more scan.

When you’ve done this scan, you should try flipping through channels again. You may be able to receive channels as normal after this. If not, move on to the next step.

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2. Adjust Your Antenna

If you feel up to it, you could try adjusting your antenna. Antennas need a clear line of sight to the nearest TV tower and if something’s blocking the signal, you’re unlikely to get a clear picture.

We’d recommend finding out where your nearest TV tower is and making sure that your antenna is pointing at the tower. If this doesn’t solve the issue, you’ll want to try raising your antenna. There could be an obstacle between your antenna and the tower, if this is the case, raising your antenna may help you get more of the picture and sound.

Your antenna should be the highest thing on your property: it should be at least 10 to 20 feet off the ground at least.

3. Replace Your Antenna

If all else fails, you may need to replace your antenna. We don’t recommend trying this yourself. Instead, call a professional and have them come out and inspect your property and your antenna.

The right antenna will be determined by the pros, and they’ll then be able to fit it for you. Depending on the company, they may guarantee you a clear picture. If you don’t get one, you may be able to get your money back.

How to Boost Antenna Signal: Answered

We hope you’ve enjoyed this guide about how to boost your antenna signal. All of these approaches could help you, but if you’ve exhausted all the DIY options or you don’t feel confident in your abilities, you should call out a professional right away.

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