Everyone dreams of a perfect wedding. However, there are so many things you have to take care of. From making a guest list to selecting the venue, you have to be crucial about everything. 

If you want to do something unique for your special day, you can choose live streaming. Yes, wedding live streaming is a futuristic concept. And it became popular during the Covid-19 pandemic, thanks to modern advanced technology. 

As there are several streaming services available, it has become easier for Schmittat Photography to complete a perfect wedding live stream. In this article, we will share the importance of live streaming and how you should start one for your wedding. Let’s find out.

Why Should You Choose Live Streaming For a Wedding?

Video sharing is a big thing in today’s world, especially when it’s about a wedding. However, you can add an extra flavor by live streaming your special day. You see, the world is loving live streaming events. So, it would be the best decision for you.

Some guests can’t participate in a wedding due to several reasons. In this case, live streaming can solve this issue. You can share your special moments with all of your relatives and friends. 

On the other hand, wedding live streaming is good for making an online presence. You can reach a bigger audience by doing a live stream. 

How to Live Stream a Wedding

As we noted before, wedding live streaming is still a new concept. If you want to make your wedding day perfect, you have to be careful about this thing. In the following list, we will share how to live stream a wedding: 

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1. Hire a Professional 

When you want to stream an important event such as your wedding, you need professional help. The good thing is there are so many photography companies that provide wedding day live streaming services. You have to choose the best one here. 

2. Have a Plan

Yes, you have to make a plan. It’s more essential when you are not hiring a team. In this case, you have to do setups as well. You can get help from your friends and cousins. 

3. Use a Streaming Platform

You see, there are different platforms for live streaming. For example, if you want to stream your wedding for some limited guests, you can choose Google Meet or Skype. If you want to share with everyone, you can use Facebook.

4. Coordinate With The Venue Team

If you are serious about wedding live streaming, you have to coordinate with the venue team. So, make sure you let them know about your plan. Plus, you have to communicate with all venue members. 

Top Streaming Services For Wedding

There are several platforms available for live streaming. You have to choose the right platform as per your preference. We will share the most common live streaming platforms in the following list. Let’s find out:

  • Skype

If you want to live stream with limited guests, Skype is the best option. You can make a conference video call and add up to ten people. Plus, most people know how to handle Skype as it’s a popular video calling platform. 

  • Youtube Live

If you want to share your wedding moments with a bigger audience, Youtube is the ideal platform. The best thing is it’s completely free to use. However, you need a good setup to live stream something on Youtube. 

  • Zoom Pro
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Zoom Pro is a good alternative to YouTube and Facebook. Plus, you can use several features while using Zoom Pro. On the other hand, this live streaming platform is very secure to use. Plus, there is no time limitation when you are using Zoom Pro.

  • Google Meet

Google Meet is a good alternative to Skype. You can add up to 100 people to live stream your wedding. If you want more people, you can go for the paid plan. 


Live streaming your wedding can be magical. It’s the best idea if you want to share your special wedding moments with everyone. In this case, you have to follow the right steps. If you are a perfectionist, make sure you hire a professional team for live streaming.