Moving Company

With so many options, it can be difficult to choose the right moving company. Working with an amateur company exposes you to the risk of damaged property or loss of items in transit. In fact, some of these companies may not only ruin your stuff in movement but also charge you for un-worked hours and not meet delivery deadlines.

Relocations can be stressful work but a lot of it can be eliminated by choosing the right moving partner.

In this article, we will share expert tips to help you find Cheap Moving Companies In San Diego that actually honor their commitment.

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Ask around for referrals

You can search online or browse your phone book to look for moving companies in your area. While this is a good starting point, it can be a daunting task with so many options to choose from. Therefore, the experts recommend that you seek recommendations from your trusted friends or family members who recently used a service provider. You can also consider taking help from a real estate agent to give you some referrals.

The rule of threes

When looking for a moving company, we often make the mistake of choosing the first option that comes along. Don’t be lured by their unrealistically low rates. You should ask at least three different companies for quotes before finalizing one. Shopping for prices will give you a fair idea about the ongoing market rate. Also, make sure that the rates offered by the service provider are provided only after assessing your stuff. Any company that gives you prices without seeing your inventory is most likely unreliable.

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Don’t ignore the warning signs

If the service provider is asking for cash up-front, then it is a red flag. No reputable company will ask you for a deposit before you move. If anything, a company that is too eager to get paid first is likely not a legitimate business. At the same time, you should note the professionalism standards showed by the moving company at the time they are providing you with an estimate.

Notice their behavior and don’t overlook minor transgressions such as showing up late, inability to answer all your queries, unsure of their services, etc. Most importantly, don’t trust a vendor that arrives at your doorstep with a rented van. A professional company will always have their own equipment. If you come across these warning signs, you must not ignore them in favor of a low quote. Instead, keep looking for a company that is thoroughly professional. 

Check for insurance and license

All the moving companies are required by law to have a movers’ license. Any company that is unable to furnish this document should not be trusted. Working with an unlicensed professional has its own risks. You will not only jeopardize the safety of your stuff but also risk getting any coverage from your insurance provider if the stuff is damaged in transit. Additionally, you must also check for the insurance of its employees who will be carrying out the relocation for you. Insured personnel exempts you from any liability in case of an accident at the time of carrying out your work.

Verify the business with local agencies

Don’t just trust a moving company that claims to be the best. Research them online for reviews and also check with the local agencies like Better Business Bureau. This service is available online for free so make use of it. Check for complaints filed against the company by other users as well as the nature of these complaints. Businesses that are BBB accredited are trustworthy and have been verified for professionalism as well as work ethic. They should have a good rating and a listing with BBB. In case the company is not listed, look for one that is!

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Verify their address

Do you really want to hire a moving company that does not have a verifiable address? Ask for their business card and then validate each detail mentioned on it. Check their website and call their phone number. Make sure that the company’s address listed on the business card is also registered against the company name. Be especially wary of companies that have addresses listed on a residential name.

These may seem like one step too many. However, following these checks before hiring a company will save you tons of hassle later. You will not only get a reliable business partner that will work efficiently but also provide you the guarantee of your stuff’s safe delivery. Follow all these steps and carry out your own checks when looking for a service provider. It is advisable to start looking at least a month ahead of your planned relocation.