What is Seedbox

Privacy is one of the main concerns when you are browsing. Hackers and crackers are always active and looking to hack into your private data. However, fortunately, there are various tools available that offer privacy and robust online security. Seedbox is one such tool that you can use when you are torrenting. Over the years, seedboxes have achieved a lot of fame and for good reason.

Here, we have described what a seedbox is and compiled the advantages of using one for torrenting. Hopefully, after going through this you’ll be able to decide whether you need one or not.

 What is a Seedbox?

Seedboxes are remote servers with a high-speed data center for downloading and uploading torrents at extremely high speeds. With access to a seedbox, you can maintain your anonymity while uploading or downloading files.

 Why Use a Seedbox?

Seedboxes are used on a large basis for safe and secure upload and download of different files on a torrenting site. We are all aware that torrent sites are extremely insecure with countless trackers monitoring your online activities. Regular torrenting always comes with the risk of someone eventually noticing you and you may even be fined or worse if you’re found downloading copyrighted material.

A seedbox helps in this regard. It comes with a public IP address and thus, your identity is not exposed and you can safely torrent without any risk of getting exposed. But the advantages of using a seedbox is not limited to this alone.

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 Incredible Bandwidth

Most seedboxes are on the 100Mbit lines meaning they offer incredible speeds for both downloading and uploading of files. So, you can download and seed as many files you want without having to worry about the bandwidth.

The speed generally ranges between 100Mbps to 10Gbps and some of the providers offer even greater bandwidth depending on the plan you choose.

Get past ISP Limitations

Most of us do not know that ISPs curb the internet speed as soon as you reach a specific bandwidth limit. With seedboxes, you can avoid this restriction as your ISP is not in use when downloading or uploading files using a seedbox.

Also, with most ISPs, some of the BitTorrent ports remain blocked and you do not have access to them. With a seedbox, however, you can get past this limitation as well and can get access to whichever port you want.


Seedboxes ensure that all your torrenting activities are private and this is one of the main reasons you should consider using one. If you are not using a seedbox, your IP address is completely exposed which greatly enhances your vulnerability online. Seedboxes cloak your IP address and thus you remain free from any threats that may otherwise descend upon you.

Maintain Optimum Ratio

If you are a member of a torrenting site, you’d know how important it is to maintain a good ratio to help keep your account active. With a seedbox, maintaining this ratio becomes extremely easy. A 1:1 ratio is almost guaranteed and a 10:1 ratio too is not uncommon with popular torrents.

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Besides, with a seedbox, you can delete or pause torrents at any time or replace them with new ones. Home internet connections have more download speeds than upload. Seedboxes do not have any such limitations and transfer rates are equal in both directions. So, with quality uploads, you can be assured that your account will remain active and you can enjoy torrenting freely.

Frees Up Home Connection

With a seedbox, you can save a lot on things like electricity and home internet connection. You do not have to keep your computer on for the whole night just for seeding and thus that will save a lot of electricity. Your home connection will also be freed and thus you can use it for other purposes like gaming or watching videos.

With all these benefits, it’s no wonder that seedboxes have gained so much popularity nowadays. Not only do they offer great speed for torrenting but also offer privacy and security which is so much important when you torrent. Apart from secure torrenting, you’ll also be able to maintain a respectable ratio and you’ll be free to download not only the popular torrents but any file you want. So, if you are into torrenting, a seedbox is an option you should consider giving a shot.