Redecorating your home can improve your living environment, enhance the building’s safety, and increase its value on the property market. The thought of redecorating your home can be daunting though. Depending on what kind of work you’re looking to carry out, there are often legal factors to consider, such as pertaining to specific building regulations. 

We have suggested five services that you should consider to make sure that the redecoration of your home is a positive and safe experience. 

1.Financial services

Before you start redecorating your home, it’s crucial that you not only know your budget, but you intend to stick to it. It might be a nice idea to brighten up your property, but you’ll soon be less enthusiastic about it if it gets you into financial trouble. Is the redecoration work you’re hoping to do affordable for you? And how are you going to raise the relevant funds for it? Thankfully, there are lots of financial services you can refer to that will help you with renovations if you own your own home. Speak to your local Citizens Advice to find out your options with finance for home improvements. 

2.Storage services

An often overlooked but important factor to consider when redecorating is storage. Renovation works often take up a large amount of space, so ask yourself where you’re going to store all your belongings while the works are carried out. Not only that, but your property can feel less secure when the front door is left open to allow for workmen to go in and out. Exposure to building dust, as well as other disruption to the surroundings, can also cause damage to your furniture and belongings. Using the service of a storage facility is therefore a good idea for while your home is undergoing renovations. Consider using storage units from Safestore, to keep your personal property safe and secure until building work is completed. 

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3.Painting and decorating services

A lick of paint can transform the most dull and boring room into a light and airy environment, as well as create the illusion of more space. But while you might be tempted to pull out the roller and do it yourself, you should ideally consult a professional painter and decorator if you’re redecorating your home. That way, you can guarantee that the job is done correctly the first time and that any problems such as drywall can be dealt with by expert hands. Using a proper painting and decorating service is also advisable for your own safety, especially if your property has high ceilings.

4.Interior design services 

If you’re redecorating your home, you might want to consider the services of an interior designer. There are lots of companies that offer interior decoration services, many of which allow you to create your own room design digitally before any physical work is carried out. This way, you can change things about until you get the perfect interior look for you. Most reputable interior designers will take the time to learn about your preferences and situation in order to provide the best service that’s tailored to your individual tastes and needs. 

5.Plumbing services

Simple plumbing services can give your home a much-needed upgrade. Small details such as replacement taps and new sink hardware can rejuvenate  a tired old kitchen or bathroom and make it look more clean and polished. If you’re looking for something a little more ambitious, then plumbing companies can advise you with installing an entirely new bathroom or kitchen. Remember though, if the installation of your new suite requires additional plumbing or the existing plumbing needs to be altered in any way, then according to UK building regulations, you must notify a building control body or use a registered installer. 

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Redecorating your home should be a positive experience. Follow our advice to make sure that your project is as stress-free as possible.