Wearing Women’s Western Hats

Even though your 50+ SPF sunscreen lotion is the most reliable barrier between the sun’s harsh rays and your skin, it is always a wise move to choose a protective western hat for both its functionality and aesthetic appeal. It is crucial to safeguard your skin against harmful sun rays and excessive sun exposure. While spending time at the beach or when performing outdoor activities, it is imperative to protect your skin or face from sun exposure and sun damage. Please note that it is critical to use a premium quality sunscreen, best suited to tackle UVB and UVA rays. However, according to Forbes, identifying your favorite hat style helps offer added coverage. 

Are you a fashionista looking for an eye-catching and oversized hat? You may choose a wide-brimmed western or cowboy hat for style with utmost sun protection. From visors to sun hats, quintessential baseball hats to trendy bucket hats, there will be a perfect style for each one of you. Hats are the best accessory for stylish and safe sun protection while you are heading to a beach party or working in the garden. Hats are a stunning but undoubtedly highly-underrated fashion accessory. 

Hats help to complete your attire and look, and when you wear a chic, classic hat to a special event or occasion, it takes your fashion and style quotient to the next level. However, if you choose the wrong hat for a particular occasion it can end up dramatically transforming an adorable look into a perfect mess. Several ladies are overwhelmed at the thought of sporting a hat simply because they have no idea about the hat type to flaunt and the way to wear your hat right. It is convenient to incorporate any style into a chic, sophisticated look if you follow the tips to wear womens western hats.

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It is a Good Idea to Consider the Season

Everything works best given the right time and place. It implies that wrong timing could mar your appearance and could be a fashion faux pas. Wearing wide-brimmed floppy beach hats in frigid winter conditions could be the wrong choice. Often people get away with appearing in out-of-season attires, but wearing a hat that is not compatible with the weather conditions could prove to be hilarious.

If beanies are your hot favorite, it is sensible to switch to a much lighter crocheted beret to match the summer season. When you find it difficult to put away your hot-favorite floppy beach hat even in September, replace it with a gorgeous fedora during the fall or winter as a consolation. Be sensible and imaginative. Everything will fall into place. It will be easier to make the right switches, in tune with the changing seasons. 

Do Not Forget Your Crowning Glory

The length of the hair is a chief factor when choosing the right hat for you. Hats are essential to complete your look and take your style to the next level. Whether the length of your tresses is long, medium, or short, there is a hat to complement every hairstyle. You need to choose the perfect hat that helps to highlight and accentuate your existing hairstyle.

If you are having a smart pixie or bob style, it is best to wear your hats tilting towards the back of the head so that people do not assume that you do not have much hair. Fedoras will complement medium-length hairstyles since they strike the right balance. Most hats are compatible with long hairstyles. Women with long, lustrous hair look stunning when they wear a hat. However, long hair may look excessively voluminous and heavy under a hat. Remember to wear your hair straight or consider pinning some of your hair to the back for creating a balanced look.

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Style Your Hair Appropriately

Some hat styles end up adding volume to your hair. These hats complement tame hairstyles. There are yet other hats that give a flat appearance to your hair. It is best to wear them with a voluminous hairdo. If you want your hair to look healthy underneath a beret or beanie, consider adding some volume by curling your hair or making two separate braids. For achieving a sleek finish underneath a baseball hat, a wide-brimmed hat, or fedora, leave it natural or opt for smoothening or straightening.

Consider Dressing Up or Down

A hat will be setting the tone for attire. Beanies are best for casual wear and complement casual outfits. Fedoras are best for dressing up and achieving a professional or formal look. You should remember this while planning what attire to wear for complementing your specific hat style. Focus on dressing up to match the hat’s vibe.


Your hat should essentially be the statement item of your attire. It is best to appear simply dressed so that your hat draws all the attention. Your outfit should not be too gorgeous as then it can steal away the attention from your hat. Hats have the potential of transforming an ordinary outfit into a mind-blowing one. Leverage the transformative capacity of hats and utilize them for adding instantaneous style and glam to any outfit.