With the mega UN Conferences focussing on creating an earth wherein the pollution levels would be reduced drastically, as per data available, the market for concrete crushers is currently standing at US$2.21 billion. Given the positive environmental impact of these crushers, the market is supposed to increase at a rate of 5.5%, and the value is expected to be US$3.8 billion. Given these stats at hand, whether it is private companies or individuals, everyone is vying for a set of crushers that they could use to harness profits for their set-up. 

As you slide down this article, you will get a detailed idea of the various types of concrete crushers, which are the recommended ones for different domains, what their environmental benefits are, and why you must outsource their maintenance. 

What are the types of concrete crushers? 

You have heard a lot about how concrete crushers have been helping one, and all demolish structures, albeit in an eco-friendly way, and create new ones with the waste! Let’s give you a glimpse of the quick and efficient crusher models that are winning in the industry – 

  1. Jaw crushers 

The one for all preliminary users, this is the basic machinery that will assist you in crushing the material at the initial step. So, if you are looking to use a crusher for the basic level of material breakdown, this is the one to vouch for. 

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2. Gyratory crushers 

When you are looking to get output that is of a specified shape but while consuming a lower energy rate, these crushers with their V-shaped lining are the ones to pick. 

3. Roller crushers 

This works on the principle of crushing between two cylindrical rollers and delivering fine powder-like output. However, it is only suitable for softer materials. 

4. Cone crushers 

Suppose you are looking to employ a process of secondary crushing format in large-scale industries. In that case, the output you will get is medium-sized material crushed into the smallest possible size. 

5. Impact crushers 

The heaviest and most versatile of the lot, this works in a principle wherein they are rotating in a cylindrical format. As the material is fed on the top, it rotates down and throws the same against the plate. The impact plate breaks it down, crushing it to a powdery format. 

Which are recommended for which domain? 

For those who have just started out and have a small job, a small jaw crusher is what you need to check out. Easy to navigate, this is the one for dealing with small jobs at hand. 

You may opt for a mid-sized jaw crusher and screener when talking of the intermediate level. Providing versatility, as a mid-level worker, you can navigate this machine very well. 

Lastly, if you have reached the expert level and are now looking to buy a crusher – to expand your business, the impact crusher is the one to look out for. Though it may be a little heavy on the pocket, its range of functioning and the assistance offered in curating new domains from demolition waste is unrivalled. 

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What are the environmental benefits of the same? 

With these top-rated concrete crushers, the old lesson of ‘nothing gets thrown out’ comes to the forefront. As you may have already noted – the demolition process itself is a time-consuming and degrading action in itself. Keeping these daunting challenges at hand, these crushers have brought forth a host of benefits that, unlike any of the available options beforehand, have significantly bettered the environmental quality and strengthened the concept of reusing waste positively. 

  1. These models have been built with the key points of durability and strength in mind. Hence, they can sustain external disruptions, thereby improving their shelf-life and reducing the need for changing machinery. Hence, the overall cost is reduced – the first step in creating an eco-friendly environmental space. 
  2. The concept of recycling is the key to environmental success! These crushers break down the concerned building or structure (whatever is to be demolished) within a specified place. After that, some separators segregate the dirt and preserve the ‘usable’ material. With that itself, you can continue building up the new structure as instructed. This has price, area, and ecological benefits in the long run. 
  3. Its usability in a wide range of domains. From its usage within the personal domains to quarries to excavations of pipelines, to railway tracks to drainage filling – the area where such eco-friendly concrete crushers are used is way too diverse. This reduces the need for specialized machinery – thereby saving the environment.  

Given its types and the benefits that it has accrued to its users, without a doubt, its popularity has escalated. This has initiated many individuals and organizations to get machinery or rent one out for personal usage. But herein comes the problem of going through the whole process. Let’s see how to deal with the same. 

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Have a problem maintaining them? 

If you are still hovering on this page, one may safely assume that you have comprehended the benefits of using one of the varieties of concrete crushers (that which suits your requirements). In case you are new to this page and still exploring the alternatives available, here’s something that you must note. Since the benefits are quite high and, in the upcoming times, they are only to amplify, therefore – it is better that you own one and outsource it for maintenance purposes (those who already own one can also extend it outside for servicing purposes). If you don’t plan on buying one, you may also rent one out on a lease against an agreement. 

There are multiple agencies like Machinery Partner that help finance the buying of these crushers, following the standard patterns from the dealers. Along with that, they also have teams that assist in maintaining your crushers on an annual basis. So, if you are within the construction domain or looking to revamp your house or curate any such heritage project, it is best that you consult professionals in this domain.  

However, do the usual round of background checks and testimonial updates before finalizing the specifics. 

Parting thoughts 

Given the manner in which the concept of owning a concrete crusher and using it for a plethora of activities and that too in an eco-friendly manner has evolved, it is worth noting. However, maintaining this machinery can truly be a matter of concern. In that case, as well, there are specialized agencies that not only facilitate the buying but also partake in the maintenance of this machine. As an aware client, you need to check the details before you choose.