Your Bathroom

An elegant bathroom brings value and character to your home. House owners, adore remodeling and renovating their bathrooms. Unless you’re a specialist, tackling a bathroom renovation project in your residence can be difficult.

All of us want a bathroom that works well and makes us happy every time we walk in. For most of us, however, the reality of dated and drab decor in many older homes is very far from this wish. So, to obtain a bathroom makeover that is not only functional but also has an exquisite look and feel, we must consider both subtle and bold design elements that work together to create a show-stopping interior. Today, we’ll share eight bathroom design trends to make your bathroom renovation stand out.

  • Rain Shower

Bathrooms are now regarded sites of retreat for too many people, so what better way to promote a spa-like experience than a rain-simulating shower head? A wall-mounted rain shower head is a deluxe and eye-catching addition to any bathroom. It has a larger radius than a classic all-directional shower head. Before purchasing this product for your newly renovated bathroom, ensure the shower area is large enough to accommodate the spray of water. It is also suggested to put a hand shower to increase water pressure and as an alternative for occasions when you don’t want to use the overhead spray.

  • Alcove Bathtubs

After a long or difficult day, very few things are more relaxing than a warm bath. Modern alcove bathtubs are ideal for making the most of limited space in your bathroom.

Alcove bathtubs are comfortable and compact because they are tailored to accommodate into small spaces. There are already numerous alcove styles and designs to choose from, making it difficult to find your ideal model. Go online to find your desired model.

  • High Ceilings
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There’s no wonder that high ceilings, such as a Cathedral-style vaulted ceiling, amaze and break the mold architecturally. Nevertheless, because this may necessitate significant construction work, it will not be a choice for all home remodeling.

Raising ceilings without raising the roof will be determined by the amount of usable space already present, as well as the age of the house (eg. newer households with pre-fabricated trusses have less wiggle room). Other factors to consider include how the existing roof cavity area will impact the insulation around the bathroom, where wiring, lighting, and ventilation system might go, and how you aim to heat the bathroom with the extra space (if you decide to repurpose it).

  • Enjoy the Comfort of Engineered Wood

The natural comfort of wood flooring adds coziness to a bathroom while breaking up the intensity of tiling and ceramic surfaces. It may feel more likable and friendly underfoot than tough tiles, and it certainly retains a relatively warm temperature than stone-based products.

But then again, since wood swells and interacts with moisture and temperature differences in the humid environment of a bathroom, the use of any wood comes with a warning.

Engineered boards are made to minimize this effect by sandwiching two pieces of wood veneer between two layers of ply, with the grain placed at a 90-degree angle to the edge. Because of these constraints, engineered wood is more guarded than solid wood, but it still won’t withstand a lot of splashes or spillages, so if you have active bathers in your residence, this might not be for you.

  • Lighting for Bathroom Renovation
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Regarding interior design, lighting takes up a lot of importance. And now that you’re planning to renovate your bathroom, lighting must be an essential factor to consider. Lighting enhances both functionality and tone in a space.

You can even place dimmer switches to tweak the lighting to your mood and requirements. And if you enjoy taking long baths, that switch could come in handy.

You also can try implementing recessed lighting around the mirror to create a celebrity-like costume area. It will also provide you with the best lighting possible while applying makeup, shaving, or styling your hair. Lighting in the shower rather than around it is recommended by industrial experts. Good lighting in the bathing zone can provide you with the most enjoyable and safe bathing experience.

  • Mirror with Backlight

Mirrors of all shapes and sizes can work in a bathroom, but a mirror which is backlit and placed on a dark wall carries it to the next level. While oblong and rectangular mirrors look decent when lit in behind, oval shapes stand out and will deliver your bathroom a 5-star revamp. It’s an ingenious way to incorporate task lighting, and the smoother lighting also improves the appearance of your vanity. They are adaptable to any wall type, and LED mirrors with copper-free support are eco-sustainable.

  • Shower Bench

Showers can be as restful as soaking in the tub if the correct functionalities for convenience and comfort are in place. A walk-in shower gets the advantage of a bench that allows you to sit while taking a shower. Whether it’s a foot stool for shaving your legs or a place to keep your toiletries. To sustain years of showering, look for benches manufactured from moisture-resistant materials such as bamboo, teak, or resin.

  • Recessed Medicine Cabinet 
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Every bathroom requires adequate storage space for all of the medicines, soaps, shampoos, and other bathroom necessities. You can do so by installing a recessed bathroom cabinet just above the vanity.

When the vanity is fitted on the slightly deeper side of the bathroom, such cabinets are extremely useful. Unlike conventional cabinets that protrude from the wall, it will also deliver you more room to bend over and appropriately use the sink. Also, if you frequently nudge your head on the side of the cabinets, these cabinets would reduce your chances of doing so.

Last words

Aside from the abovementioned bathroom renovation tips, there is another thing you should be aware of. Your bathroom must have an adequate ventilation system. An adequate ventilation works as a proper mold removal way. These window frames will also enable natural light into your bathroom, which will help you save a lot of energy during the daytime. Remember to use frosted glass for privacy.

Consider adding some stylish bath accessories, such as metallic towel stands and a high-end-looking soap dispenser. You now have your own exclusive glamorous and luxurious bathroom renovation in your home. All these factors will come in handy if you consider selling your old house.