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Mold, the Grossest Splotch

Now isn’t that just an ugly sight. It’s on the walls, in the corners, surrounding your pipes and climbing the bricks. It spreads like a bad paint job and smells awful, filling your home and lungs with nasty, nasty spores. Mold is just awful, isn’t it?

You might not have registered just what the problem is with mold, and to be fair, most people don’t. Everyone knows it’s gross, and that you don’t want it on your food, but what’s the harm if it’s on your walls or hidden in your floorboards? It’s just some discolored smudging, right?

Well, first of all, I find it hard to believe you’re okay with even discolored smudging. It’s ugly, and it makes your very house look diseased. Like, it looks like the Black Plague is right there, destroying your lovely paintjob. Why would you ever be okay with that?

And it doesn’t just look bad, it feels bad. More like, mold spores can fill the air around your home and make it almost unbearable to live in. Constant sneezing, wheezing, and itching are common when you have spores floating into your lungs and onto your skin. Even the smell is enough to make you sick.

“But what if I like living in squalor?” you ask. Well, then I hope you’re ready to pay the price… of new wallpaper, new flooring, or new drywall. Anything in your house that has paper or glue is about to get eaten, so you better not value any of it if you’re planning on cohabitating with the mold.

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Mold may also be indicative of more serious problems, like leaks. Mold grows in moist areas, so if your dishwasher is leaking, your kitchen will probably start to grow mold. Burst pipes and faulting roofing can also create spots of mold in unusual areas, like the center of your living room ceiling, so if you see mold there you might want to call in some repairs.

Oh, and you might end up paying with your – or someone else’s – life, too. Do you have asthma? Spores will make that worse by a landslide. Do you have a baby? Watch out: if that baby eats the mold off your carpet they’re going to the hospital.

Mold is also slippery, believe it or not. If it gets on your flooring, you run the risk of cracking your skull right open. Does that sound like a fun time? Probably not.

Have I impressed upon you the true dangers of mold? Have I convinced you of the pure, unbridled evil mold participates in? I have? Good.

I’m sure you’ve inspected your house now. Spreading black spots on the walls, musty smell, heavy air… yep, you’ve got mold in your home. Now, what should you do about it?

Preventing Mold

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Gear up because we’re going to war! Our enemy: the ever-spreading menace of mold. The first order of business is to shore up our defenses, so hop to it!

Right, more seriously, there are plenty of ways you can prevent mold from spreading at all. It grows in moist areas, so you’ll naturally want to keep the humidity down. Dehumidifiers are good weapons for this, and proper ventilation in rooms with steam-producing appliances like driers and bathtubs is essential. You’ll mostly want to keep the humidity below 50%, so keep track of it and you’ll be able to stop the mold from growing in the first place.

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For more thorough defenses, anti-mold paints and sprays are never a bad investment, so long as they don’t cause problems of their own. Priming surfaces that might mold over with mildewcide can keep your home mold-proof and your air clean.

But maybe the fungal enemy has breached the lines and gotten into your house anyway. If that’s the case, then arm yourself with bleach. One cup of bleach to one gallon of water is the amount recommended by the CDC, otherwise you might put yourself in more danger. And never, NEVER mix bleach with anything containing ammonia, or else you’ll find yourself actually in danger of dying.

Scrub thoroughly, and always wear the proper protective equipment of Easygloves, goggles, and a filtration mask. Fumes produced by bleach can be more dangerous to your lungs than the spores you’re fighting, and the spores themselves will explode into the air when you clear a specific patch of mold. Protect your nose and mouth if you don’t want to suffocate from spores.

Are you uncertain of what kind of mold is infesting your home? Maybe it looks different from what you were expecting, or is growing in an unusual place? You might think you need to get it tested, but don’t. All mold needs to go, no matter what. Testing is just a waste of time and money.

But this enemy might not be able to be defeated alone. You’re not skilled enough to know how to truly clear your home, are you rookie? That’s fine, it’s just time to call in the reinforcements. Are you sick of this military metaphor yet? Too bad, I’m enjoying this.

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Mold removal services are well-worth the cost, despite what I said previously about mold testing services. The reason for that is: at the end of the day, mold is mold. No matter what kind, no matter how much, it’s harmful to you. The best thing you can do it have it properly disposed of.

The true heavy artillery is wielded by the masters of mold removal. Companies like have the arms to truly dispatch the enemy and can even provide services that prevent mold from growing again. If you really need a proper way to clear your home, call a mold removal service today.



There, clean as a whistle. You did it soldier; you beat back the moldy menace. No longer shall your lungs be assailed by spore bombs, nor shall your eyes water upon entering the laundry room. Your house is now free of mold, so stand proud and accept your medal!