Did you know a lot of people have been completing renovations? If you bought an apartment building and need to renovate it, we can help.

We’ll go over apartment remodeling ideas to transform your space into a sleek and desirable space for tenants.

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What’s Your Budget?

Before you tackle these renovations, you should make sure you determine your budget.

Consider what you can afford to spend. What do you think will bring the most value to your apartment? Who do you plan to rent to down the road?

You should choose renovations that will increase the value of your apartment. You want to make it a popular choice for new tenants. 

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Update the Bathroom

Is the bathroom in the apartment old and outdated? You can make some simple changes to transform the overall look. Consider replacing the tiles or flooring. 

Make sure you paint the bathroom a new color. Check the grout, and look for any signs of mold. You should replace any peeling or moldy grout right away. 

You could also change the lighting in the bathroom. Choose a modern or classic style.

Don’t Ignore the Ceiling

If you own a building from the 70s, you might have units with a popcorn ceiling. The ceiling’s made from vermiculite and is a sprayed concrete that has a popcorn-like finish.

Painting vermiculite with a brush will make it look worse, unfortunately.
You could try installing a shadowline plasterboard ceiling over batons. It will lower the height of the ceiling but give you a smooth finish.

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Freshen up the Paint Job

Most properties will benefit from a fresh coat of paint. You will need to spend time preparing the paint job.

Make sure you scrape off flaking paint from your walls and ceilings and wash the walls down before you start painting.

There are a lot of different trends each year. Yet, choosing a classic white color will make your space appear airy and bright. Your tenants can personalize the space with decor and furnishings.

Consider working with professional painters if you don’t have time to finish the job. A fresh paint job will make your place appear inviting for interested tenants. 

What About Lighting?

Old units will have old-fashioned lighting fixtures. You could transform your apartment by investing in unique lamps. Install a modern chandelier or light scones so tenants can dim the lighting.

Is There a Switchboard?

If a fuse trips, tenants will be happy to reset the switch in their apartment. Consider installing a switchboard inside the apartment. This way, they can go and reset the switch.

Install New Windows

If you bought an apartment and the windows are old, consider investing in new windows.

New windows will be more energy-efficient and cost-effective. If you sell the apartment building, buyers will see the windows as an excellent incentive.

You should choose windows that will add to the aesthetic of the space, as well.

Some windows can even reduce the noise. Is your apartment located in an urban setting? Consider treating the windows to help with noise.

Renovate the Flooring

An older unit might have carpeting or worn flooring. Some kitchens might have outdated tiling, as well.

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Make sure you get rid of the carpeting. A lot of tenants won’t move into places with carpeting because of their allergies. Look at getting laminate flooring or engineered wood boards, depending on your budget.

You could freshen up the kitchen and bathroom with new tiling.

What About a Balcony?

Most apartment owners neglect the balcony and focus on other aspects.

Yet, if your unit has a balcony, consider spending some time renovating it. You could renovate the flooring by using tiles. Replace old tiles. You could tile over the existing concrete or tiles. Make sure the tiles are slip-proof.


Do you plan to double-glaze your new windows to help with the noise around the apartment? You will also need to consider your air conditioning unit.

New apartments will offer air conditioning to their tenants. To compete with these landlords, you’ll also need to upgrade your air conditioning unit.

Consider investing in a one-split system air conditioner. Make sure the header unit’s well-positioned so it cools and heats the entire apartment.

What About the Dining Area?

Tenants spend lots of time entertaining in the kitchen and dining area. You should look at renovating these spaces, if possible.

Make sure the space is well-laid-out. If it feels cramped, consider looking at space-saving options. Install hanging shelves and extra cabinets for your tenants to store items. keep the floor space free of clutter.

Another popular item in a kitchen apartment is an island. Tenants can use the island to prepare their food and serve a meal later.

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You should consider installing lighting that can get dimmed easily. At night, tenants can lower the lighting to set the mood. All of these little changes can help entice interested tenants. 

Make sure you focus on the details, along with the major renovations. 

Start These Apartment Renovations

We hope this guide on apartment renovations was helpful. Consider what renovation will bring value to your tenants.

Install new windows, so your space is more energy-efficient if the windows are super old. You could also freshen up the paint and replace any carpeting.

Are you looking for more real estate or tips on running an apartment? Check out our resources on the blog to learn more.