Is it time to clean your kitchen sink drain? 

You know it’s time to clean it when the water refuses to drain, there’s a foul odor seeping out, or if there’s a leak underneath your kitchen sink.

The goal of cleaning your kitchen sink drain is to eliminate three things: fat, oil, and grease. These can stick to your sink, sink drain, and the pipes leading underneath. If you don’t, the sink can clog up or encounter issues regarding rust or food build-up.

Don’t fret if you don’t know how to clean your kitchen sink drain. We’ve got five tips listed below to help you get started:

  1. Water and Soap

Detergent soap, the same you use when washing your clothes, can help remove the fat, oil, and grease from the drain and pipes. The tiny particles of the detergent do a good job in absorbing these substances, as well as tiny bits of dirt and debris. 

To rinse it down and flush it all out, pour a bit of hot water. Don’t boil it too much, since this could damage the pipes and cause a leak. 

  1. Baking Soda and Vinegar

Another solution is to use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. Vinegar is a decent replacement for hot water, since its acidic nature can dissolve substances like fats and oils. The baking soda will help scrape and break down dirt and debris.

You can also use a combination of baking soda and salt. Mix a few tablespoons of salt and baking soda in water to clean your sink drain. Regardless of which method you use, rinse everything down with hot water.

  1. Chemical Solutions
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Unfortunately, DIY methods might not always work as intended. They don’t have strong chemicals to fully break down and wash out dirt or substances clogging your kitchen sink. 

This is when it’s time to use commercial kitchen sink drain cleaners. Don’t forget to flush them out of your sink pipes with water.

  1. Snake Wire

Chemical cleaners can break down most things, clogging your kitchen sink. However, if there are big pieces stuck in your drain, you’ll need a snake wire. This is a professional tool used by expert plumbers to remove large objects from a pipe. 

Speaking of experts, you may want to ask one to do this for you. Ask for tips for cleaning the kitchen sink drain with a snake wire, so you can do it on your own the next time the issue arises. 

  1. P-Trap Cleaning

At the end of the day, you might simply have to remove the p-trap to remove any debris build-up. This is the removable cap at the bottom of your sink. Drain everything, clean the cap, then close the p-trap again. 

Since you’re underneath the sink, you may want to take the opportunity to install upgrades too. Take this time to install the best under sink filtration system, for example. 

Now You Know How to Clean Your Kitchen Sink Drain

Learning how to clean your kitchen sink drain isn’t difficult if you follow these basic steps. Use a snake wire, clean the p-trap, and use basic solutions or commercial products to unclog your kitchen sink drain. 

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