As a matter of proof, sit-stand desks have been on the market for several years. Lately, they are becoming more common since many individuals have realized the benefits a standing desk can bring to the body.

Based on the study, individuals who live a sedentary lifestyle or are sitting for long periods at the office are more susceptible to type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, as shorter life expectancy. Standing at work, even for a couple of minutes, can have a significant impact on your body or health. But, using quality sit-stand desks or adjustable desks can make work easier.

When using this equipment, you can easily change posture the entire day while working. For instance, you can pick the one that offers easy adjustability of the desktop height. Also, it has a swivelling chair that can be moved out of the way while standing. Read on and learn more benefits that come with using a sit-stand desk at work.

Lessen Back Pain

When it comes to back pain, it is something that 80% of adults will be experiencing over their lifetime, but one of the main complaints of office employees who are sitting for long periods.

Several studies have shown the advantages of using quality standing desks from top-rated companies like MOVI on employees with long-term back pain. Also, the studies showed that individuals who spent around 68 minutes of their workday standing experienced a 54% reduction in neck and upper back pain.

Lower Your Risks of Weight Gain

Weight gain is caused by the consumption of a lot of calories that the body is burning. A big percentage of office employees say they have added present weight job. Most of them say they believed it was due to working while sitting on a desk throughout the day. What if you could burn fats while handling your tasks with little to no extra effort?

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It would help to work while standing instead of sitting and reduce the risk of gaining weight. You can burn about 50 extra calories an hour while standing. If you were to work while standing for three hours every day, you could manage to burn up to 750 calories a week. Over a whole year, it would be equal to about 30,000 extra calories burnt out. In terms of working levels, 30 calories would be equivalent to running ten marathons in one year.

Lower Blood Glucose Levels and Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

After every meal you take, you should expect an increase in blood sugar. For this reason, people with huge spikes in blood sugar are at a higher risk of suffering from diabetes. Also, an increase in blood sugar has been associated with a general sense of poor health.

A small study of 10 office employees revealed that working while standing for 185 minutes after lunch lessened the employees’ blood sugar levels by 43% compared to sitting for a similar period. This is an indication that the reduction of blood sugar levels was a result of sitting vs standing.

If you want to change to a standing desk, it is advisable to opt for a quality one from a top-rated supplier like MOVI. Read the above benefits to enable you to try a new lifestyle with standing desks.