Sex Toys Can Enhance Your Sex Life

Sex toys are no longer a taboo subject when it comes to your solo or relationship sex life. Instead, online sex toys for couples are encouraged and give many health benefits as well as enhancing and improving your sex life. Here are some ways that sex toys can enhance your sexual relationship. 

Can Help You Reach Orgasm

It’s difficult for most women to reach orgasm during sex solely from penetration alone with around 75% of women needing some form of other stimulation to get there. Including a sex toy into your sex life with your partner can be a great solution for this to help you reach a simultaneous orgasm. Vibrators are the most popular form of sex toy for women that comes in a range of styles with a range of different functions, speeds and intensities to suit everyone. Using a vibrator and lube during foreplay and sex can help to increase arousal quickly and push you towards the edge. 

Can Make Sex More Enjoyable for Both Partners

Sex toys can easily spice up your sex life if it’s looking a little lacklustre. No longer are sex toys a taboo for men and women, now, they’re encouraged as part of a healthy sex life. By adding a vibrating penis ring to your sex life, you can increase the arousal of both partners with ease. Or alternatively if you’re into some light bondage then handcuffs and blindfolds are a way to turn up the heat and increase the sensations felt as part of sensory play. Including paddles to spank, butt plugs or other sex toys can let you experiment with sensations and heighten the fun making it less of a chore and more of an exciting adventure. 

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Can Increase Libido

Those who use sex toys in their sex lives have long term health benefits that include a heightened libido. When you use sex toys, the blood flow to your private parts is increased to help you increase sexual arousal, engorgement and lubrication. Frequent blood flow to this area keeps it in check and will actually help you crave sex more. Vibrators and other sex toys are helpful in getting you aroused and increasing the blood flow through their speedy motors and so by incorporating them into your sex life can enhance it in the long term as well as the short term. 

How To Introduce Sex Toys into Your Relationship

Bring up the topic of sex toys to your partner to see how he or she feels about it. Focus on how it can enhance your sexual relationship rather than you not feeling completely satisfied. If your partner isn’t into the idea, don’t push and let the subject go for now. If they’re into the idea, start slowly and build up to more sex toys as you go. It’s a fun and intimate experience to shop for your sex toy together and it opens up the conversation of what you like and don’t like. Most importantly, don’t take it too seriously and make sure to have a sense of humour about the whole process!