There are many reasons to surf the Internet under a different IP address. The main one is anonymity. And, this is precisely what proxies give you. However, there are other factors that can be useful not only for personal affairs but also for business. 

So, in this article, we’ll take a look at some of these cases and give you tips on how to choose a residential proxy provider. Let’s start!

Question #1: why residential proxies?

Residential proxies are so-called reference points for redirecting/relaying Internet traffic based on devices of physical users. One kind of residential proxy is a mobile proxy. They are characterized by low connection speed and reliability, and high cost of traffic. Still, they are the best at circumventing the protection of various anti-fraud systems. 

Classic residential proxies by PrivateProxy work mainly with stationary PCs. They can quickly provide available, and most importantly, more stable Internet connections. Although some providers of residential proxies mix all available addresses into a single database: both mobile and stationary.

More than this, residential proxies are great for SEO and varied marketing purposes. With their help, you can:

  • conduct market and competitor research;
  • scan sites of any complexity;
  • parse search results, and fare more.

All this is possible without worrying that your addresses can be blocked by anti-fraud systems.

3 ways to use residential proxies for business tasks

What is even more exciting, a residential proxy provider can maximize all the advantages mentioned above. 

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The bright examples of how residential proxies are useful are described next:

1.Getting real information from competitors’ websites  

One of the main uses of residential proxies is competitive intelligence. Today, some tools make it easy to track the use of server proxies. By using residential proxies, any request looks like it was sent by a random user. If you need to send a large number of requests, you can use a residential proxy to send them from addresses from any country, city, and related Internet provider.

2.Brand protection

Another practical benefit of residential proxies by PrivateProxy is brand protection and counterfeiting. For example, some brands always have to struggle with sellers of forgeries.

Those who provide such replicas usually restrict access to their websites from countries where the official representative offices are located. This makes it difficult to identify counterfeit dealers and present them with legal claims. With the help of residential proxies, this task can be easily solved.

3.Testing new features and performance monitoring

Another important purpose to utilize to search for a residential proxy provider is to test new features on your websites or applications. Proxies allow you to see how everything works from the side of an ordinary user. By sending a large number of requests from IP addresses from different countries and cities you can also test applications under heavy loads.   

As well, residential proxies are useful for performance monitoring. They will let you know how fast your site works in different countries. 

Question #2: where and how to find a residential proxy provider?

If you use software for ambitious and large-scale projects, the most successful and sometimes indispensable solution is to buy a residential proxy server. At the moment, more and more companies can limit the actions of visitors to their web resources, bypassing their geo-blocking and bot protection tools. In such a situation, users have nothing to do but use protected traffic through the IP address of a company. Also due to the fact that many users work from their smartphones, mobile residential proxies become extremely necessary. They allow opening the entrance to many sites with the guarantee of completely safe web surfing.

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Right now, there are no legal restrictions or obstacles to the use of programs that hide the presence of the user on the Internet. In other words, you can benefit from residential proxies by a trusted provider, like PrivateProxy, absolutely legally. Furthermore, the best way to easily access any portal is to buy proxies officially! 

Free vs paid residential proxy providers

Many corporate and government networks ban certain sites so that workers cannot access them during business hours. This is the reason why residential proxies are widely used.

To what factors should you pay attention by selecting a residential proxy provider? Just think rationally and be realistic. When something is absolutely free, it means that there will be compromises in the development of the service. This is why using a free proxy server is quite risky. As an alternative, PrivateProxy is one of the most reliable and affordable residential proxy providers on the market. It guarantees you high-quality residential proxy servers. In addition, you can use several other useful features, like the geographical division of connection flows. 

This provider also offers a full range of relevant services and attractive price plans. More than this, its residential proxies are known as user-friendly, timely updated, and extremely universal.

3 tips to choose a residential proxy server provider

Here are some tips on how to choose the best residential proxy provider:

  1. Remember that not all proxy server settings are equally useful. You may face some limitations because of geo-binding. For example, a residential proxy server in the US can only run users in the .com domain.
  2. The higher the ping value, the fewer requests to and from your proxy server. It depends on the speed of loading web pages and the productivity of the network.
  3. A chosen residential proxy provider may not work, especially when it comes to a free one. So, you can always test the quality of your proxy server with online services (checkers). They analyze the validity of the presence, type, and country. With them, you can test even the IPv6 proxy.
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As a business owner or not, you may want to collect data and avoid blocking. For this, residential proxy servers are the best option for you, as they look like real IP addresses and have little chance of being identified as automatic bots. In a word, they guarantee their users high anonymity and a low level of blocking. That’s why we’ve done our best to help you find and choose the best residential proxy provider. Hopefully, you will find this article both informative and entertaining.