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While adjusting some settings on your Huawei smartphone , you accidentally activated the voice assistant . Your device thus began to “speak”, pronouncing all the names of the elements present on the screen. Also, in an attempt to disable it, you believe you have made the situation worse. How to disable Huawei voice assistant.

In fact, you ended up mistakenly enabling Google’s assistant and now, as you speak, your device often activates itself, recalling the assistant of the famous search engine giant. In short, now you are really desperate: you would like to solve both these problems but, from the moment when you are not at all practical with technology, you do not know how to do it. Also, you are afraid of making the situation even worse!

If things are exactly this way, don’t worry: if you want, I’m here to give you a hand and explain how to disable Huawei voice assistant . Read on and find out how to get rid of both the voice assistant of the famous Asian company and Google Assistant, the assistant of the search engine giant. I assure you it is very simple!

How to remove Huawei voice assistant

If you want to remove the voice assistant on Huawei. You must know that to do this you must act through the settings of your device. More precisely, you have to go to disable the accessibility option called TalkBack. Which offers a voice reading function and therefore allows you to use the device without having to look at the screen.

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In case you have activated it by mistake. You can proceed with its deactivation at any time. Following the indications that I am about to provide you. The only precaution you must have is to always double tap on the indicated menu items.

To proceed, therefore, double-tap on the gear icon located on the home screen and / or in the drawer of your device. In order to open the Settings app .

Now, in the menu that is shown to you, double tap on the item Intelligent assistance. Then go to the Accessibility menu by pressing twice on the item of the same name. Move the lever that you can see in correspondence with the TalkBack item to OFF (by quickly tapping twice on the itself) and finally press OK twice in succession.

TalkBack is now disabled. In case of doubts or problems, refer to my guide in which I speak to you in more detail how to disable the TalkBack on various models of Android devices.

How to remove Google assistant on Huawei

If, on the other hand, you are interested in knowing how to remove the Google assistant on Huawei. You must act in a different way. As you must necessarily use the Google app which is already pre-installed on your device.

To start, therefore, start the Google app. Pressing on its icon located on the home screen or in the drawer of your device. Then tap the Other button (the dot icon ). Which is located at the bottom right of the main screen of the ‘app.

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Now, in the menu that is shown to you, press on the items Settings> Google Assistant. So as to reach the section of the settings dedicated to the assistant of the Mountain View giant.

Once this is done, press on the tab called Assistant that you can see located at the top and. In the following menu that is shown to you. Tap on the item Telephone that you can see located at the bottom of the screen. In correspondence with the word Assistant devices.

What does the number 20 mean spiritually

How to disable Bixby Home

If you are looking to disable Bixby Home. The Bixby component that collects appointments, weather information and other data in practical screens. The first thing you need to do is make sure you have the latest system software update .

How do you say? Not sure how to check if a Samsung smartphone is updated to the latest version of Android? You are lucky, because I have for you a guide dedicated to the topic. In which you can find all the details about it.

After making sure you have an updated Samsung mobile phone, you can proceed by accessing the Bixby home screen. Acting from the main page, there are two ways to access Bixby. By swiping to the right or by pressing the dedicated physical button. Located on the left (you can find it on Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 + and on Galaxy S9 and S9 +).

At this point, access the settings menu by pressing the Gear icon , and then tap on the Settings item . Then scroll the screen, until you find the item Bixby Key , and tap on it. Then press on Do not open anything and you will thus deactivate the involuntary opening of Bixby by pressing the dedicated side button. To completely disable Bixby Home, however, there is an additional step to take.

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Home Screen

What you need to do now is to go back to the home screen of the device (by pressing the central circle- shaped button in the bottom navigation bar). Perform a long tap on any empty space of the home screen, until you opens the screen menu . Once opened, scroll right, until you find Bixby Home , and disable this option, by moving the switch on its side from ON to OFF .

Good job! Now Bixby Home will no longer open accidentally as it did before. In addition, the dedicated side button will no longer accidentally open Samsung’s virtual assistant.

Wait a minute though: I haven’t told you yet how to replace Bixby Home with other apps.

You can replace the default Samsung Experience launcher , to which Bixby Home is linked, with an alternative solution. Put simply, you can install a different launcher which, taking Bixby’s place, will free you from the assistant’s involuntary openings. If you don’t know what launchers are for Android, consult my dedicated study .

Are you afraid of not knowing or not remembering how to install a different launcher on your smartphone? You have nothing to fear! For cases like this. I have created an article on launchers that will guide you in choosing the best available and installing it.

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