How to download Hangouts Meet

You have to organize a virtual meeting with your colleagues or customers and you’ve heard of Hangouts Meet , better known as Google Meet . Since your time is short, you are now looking for information that will allow you to use this service on your devices in no time. In this guide of mine, in fact, I will show you in detail how to download Hangouts Meet easily on your Android smartphone and tablet or on iPhone and iPad.

How do you say? Are things actually this way? Then you will be happy to know that, in the next chapters, you will find everything you need to do this. Also, if you act as a PC, I will explain how to achieve your goal through some easy-to-use solutions.

So what are you still doing impaled there? Let’s get to work immediately! Pay close attention to all the tips that I will give you in the next chapters and put them into practice. I am sure that, at the end of the reading, you will have everything you need to know to start your virtual meetings on Meet from all your devices. Having said that, I just have to wish you a good read and, above all, a good job!

How to download Hangouts Meet on mobile and tablet

If you want to download Hangouts Meet on mobile and tablet , what you need to do is download the Google Meet app on your Android or iOS / iPadOS device . In the next chapters you will find more details to do this.

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To download Google Meet on your Android smartphone or tablet , what you need to do is reach this link directly from your device. Doing so will automatically launch the Android Play Store , showing you the card of the app in question.

Alternatively, start the Android Play Store , through its icon on the home screen or in the drawer, and use the internal search engine to type in the terms “google meet” . At this point, simply tap on the corresponding search result, to access the application tab.

What you need to do now is to press the Install button , so that the download and automatic installation of all the necessary components will start in order to guarantee the functioning of the Google Meet app on your device.

If your smartphone / tablet is not equipped with the Play Store, you can download the Google Meet app from APKMirror (one of the most reliable sites as regards the download of the installation packages of the apps for Android) and taking the application .APK file from the latter. How? Don’t worry, nothing you can’t easily do.

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Reach this link from your Android device, in order to open the Google Meet tab on APKMirror. Once this is done, scroll down the page until you find the All versions section ; then select the latest available version of the app and, in the new screen that is shown to you, tap on the one compatible with your device. Then press the Download APK button to download the Google Meet .APK file .

The file just downloaded, for reasons of reasonable security, cannot be executed, as Android blocks the installation of applications from unknown sources. In this regard, what you need to do is temporarily disable this limitation, by going to the Settings menu > Security and privacy> Other> Install unknown apps on your device.

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At this point

select the browser or file manager with which you want to start the just downloaded .APK file, then moving the lever from OFF to ON , corresponding to the Allow app installation item . In older versions of Android, you can disable this feature by going to the Settings> Security> Unknown sources menu .

Once this is done, launch the .APK file and, in the screen that is shown to you, press the Install button , so as to install Google Meet on your device. Easy isn’t it? I remind you that this method is also useful for Huawei smartphones without Google services. If you want to deepen the topic, I recommend you read my guide on how to install apps on Huawei .

If you want to know in detail how to use Google Meet. I suggest you continue reading this guide. In which I explain how to configure the service and how to start your first video conference.

iOS / iPadOS

If you own an iPhone or iPad. You can easily use the services offered by Google Meet by installing the appropriate app from the iOS / iPadOS App Store . Such as? By simply tapping this link from your device. It will allow you to view the Google Meet card directly on the virtual store of the device.

Alternatively, you can simply launch the iOS / iPadOS App Store via its home screen icon. Press the Search tab (bottom right) and type the terms “google meet” in the appropriate text box. So tap on the corresponding search result to view the app’s profile.

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At this point, press on the Get button or on the icon of the cloud (if previously you have already installed this app on your iPhone / iPad) Then unlock the download and installation via the Face ID, the Touch ID or the your Apple ID password.

Once this is done, you can start the Google Meet app using its icon on the home screen. If you are interested in knowing how to start your first video conference on this service. I recommend you read my guide dedicated to the subject.

How to download Hangouts Meet on your PC

On PC you do not need to download any client for Google Meet. As this can be used directly from a web browser. Through its platform available at this link .

Meet Grid View deserves a separate discussion. It is an extension for Google Chrome that allows you to view all the conference participants in a single grid screen.

Comfortable right?

The installation of this add-on is not difficult. Reach this link using Google Chrome and press the Add button. Which is located at the top right. Once this is done. A warning will ask you if you actually want to install the above component. Press the Add extension button to confirm.

Do you still want to install the Google Meet client on your PC? In this case, the only solution. You have left is to install an emulator for Android and use it to get the Google Meet app.

If you want to install an Android emulator on your computer I suggest you take a look at BlueStacks. It is one of the best emulators for Android on PC. Usable on both Windows and macOS . If you want to know more. I recommend you read my guide dedicated to the topic.

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