The property market in Bangkok is excellent for foreign investors who are looking for high-quality accommodation at an attractively low price when compared to most Western capital cities. However, as wonderful and cheap as much of the accommodation is, sometimes the décor can feel a little bland and uninspired. The good news is that this means that you have an otherwise blank canvass to play with. However, if you do plan on renovating and redecorating your Bangkok condo, you’ll need to play by the rules. Here’s how to renovate like a pro… 

1. Understand the property guidelines

Don’t rush in and start renovating your condo before speaking with the property management and understanding the guidelines. There will likely be some renovation policies in place and you must adhere to them if you wish to avoid any issues down the line. 

2. Develop a vision for your renovation 

Once you have the green light, the next step is to carefully plan and develop your vision for the renovation. You can start by visualising your end goal and then map out precisely what it is that you need to do to get there. Once it’s on paper, the whole process will be far easier to kick-start. 

3. Outline a budget and stick to it 

The next important step is to think carefully about how much money you have available to invest in your property. Set yourself a realistic budget and stick to it. 

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You should also start exploring your options in terms of tradespeople (if you don’t plan to DIY the renovation), materials, and furnishings. This can help set a realistic budget and know how far your money will go. 

4. Set a schedule 

Once you understand the guidelines, have a vision in place, and a realistic budget, next you should set a schedule. How quickly can you progress through each stage of the project? Naturally, if you are hiring tradesmen to complete the renovation for you then you can work closely with them to come up with a realistic schedule for the project. However, if you are going to be completing the work yourself, it helps to organise your time accordingly – particularly if you are working / raising a family in the meantime.  

5. Be smart about it!

It might sound obvious, but make sure you do it right! Don’t rush into the project or try to cut corners. There are plenty of professional tips out there that can help you reduce your workload and make a bigger impact. 

For example: 

  • A paint job is the easiest and cheapest way to transform the look and feel of your space. 
  • Measure twice and cut once! The key is to take your time and be precise about everything you install. 
  • Move the eye and not the fixtures! In other words, it’s easier to install beautiful features and draw attention away from other fixtures that are otherwise permanent and less easy on the eye. 
  • Build up, don’t tear down! This means renovating, repairing, and repurposing whatever you can. Does the old, sturdy sofa need replacing entirely or can it be saved with some reupholstering? Do the tiles need gutting or can they be waxed? Be smart! 
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Final thoughts 

As you can see, the key to pulling off a successful renovation like the pros is largely about preparation and planning. 

If it all sounds like a bit too much work, you may need to consider hiring a professional. That, or you’ll find plenty of quality condos to buy at Aspire Sukhumvit that will require very little (if at all) in the way of renovating / redecorating. 

In any case, we hope you found this article inspiring and wish you the very best of luck, whatever you decide.