Wise investors will spend years learning the tools and resources at their disposal. Being well-versed in the opportunities and smartest strategies for building a strong portfolio is what differentiates the successful from those who will struggle. Numerous avenues for investments and savings are out there if you simply know what you’re doing. We’ll go over all the details together in this article.

No tumultuous trends

Common threads of investment include buying stocks or bonds. Some folks have recently tried dabbling in digital or “crypto” currencies. Unfortunately, unlike the stock market, this form of currency is completely unregulated and therefore unprotected. Waking up one day to find your entire savings has lost all of its value or was stolen is a nightmare no one wants to experience. It’s been discussed in depth here. Rather than invest your personal earnings into someone else’s project or in passing investment fads and trends, consider something more tangible.

By transferring your 401k to gold or precious metals, you are purchasing physical property to own and save. Closely regulated by the Internal Revenue Service, gold and silver bars and coins, and other precious metals like platinum and even palladium are available to be bought and sold through vetted custodians who specialize in these types of transactions. None of those unfamiliar, unverified start-up apps that only tell you the current market value of digital tokens can compare to real owning real gold and silver. 

Under a watchful eye


The IRS carefully tracks the movement, exchanges and purchases of specific quantities of precious metals. Naturally, you are legally allowed to buy and sell small amounts of gold or silver without reporting your transactions to the IRS. However, as with any form of currency, taxes must be imposed on large quantities being either bought or sold. By transferring your 401k into something like a Gold IRA you’re choosing the most stringently regulated method of securing your comfortable retirement. There’s an excellent resource with the steps involved in the whole process at this link: 

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Your starting line

Now you might be thinking your next step is to go search for certified gold and silver dealers on your own. Working on your own is only a road to stress and confusion. You wouldn’t do a doctor’s job if you’re not a doctor. Why? Because you know they’ve studied, learned, and mastered their craft. They’re licensed because they worked hard to earn their degree and title.

Going into the market of precious metals, navigating the IRS’ regulations, and attempting to transfer your 401k to gold by yourself would be a disaster. This is why it’s imperative to select the most qualified professional to take you through the process, one step at a time. With their help, you will be able to select a plan, roll over your previously established funds into gold or silver, and rest easy knowing your financial future is assured. 

A league of its own

Have you ever looked at a graph for stock market trends over the last several years? There are some concerning peaks and drops in those numbers, a very revealing look at the unnerving and sporadic trends that can make or break a person. An entire life’s worth of savings can be gone in an instant, at no fault of their own, and for circumstances entirely out of their control. Trends like these don’t have the same effect on precious metals. Consumer use may have some influence on the uses of certain materials but some things can’t be replaced.

Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium are incredibly important to so many various industries like technology, science, health, and even art and entertainment. 

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“People are always going to need to eat, and they’re always going to want to laugh.”

I grew up hearing this line often from my family. What they meant was that there are some businesses and industries that will simply never die. Being a cook or an entertainer, for example, are valuable careers because you’ll always be in demand somewhere. It’s no different for these rare materials. Until we figure out how to end cavities and tooth decay, evolve to no longer be poisoned by radiation, and grow an extra organ to consume untreated water, we’re going to find uses for precious metals. 


Established by history and science

Precious metals have been a treasured commodity for centuries, and little has changed in that regard, despite the ever-evolving world of economics and finances. A soft metal like gold with unique properties like protection from radiation and conductivity makes it excellent for many uses in multiple fields. Similarly, silver is a stronger metal that is also antimicrobial, making it an excellent choice for medical fields and dentistry. More unusual than both is the less famous but equally important metal, palladium, similar to platinum in its properties. Palladium is used for things such as hydrogen purification, jewelry and even water treatment. 

Fluctuations in the economy can be staggering. Have you ever been positively flummoxed at a sudden spike in fuel prices? Perhaps you’ve seen a painful drop in points and stock value for a company you have invested with. No matter what your experience is with our country’s ever-shifting economy and questionable financial standing, it’s a safe bet that you would appreciate some peace of mind regarding your own money. A clever solution to avoiding being victim to the mania of typical investment frights is by transferring your 401k assets to gold and other precious metals. 

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Theft is a common concern with digital currency traders, something that is nigh impossible with the strict rules of the IRS constructed around the buying and selling of gold and silver. Never alone with making your decisions, you will have a custodian assisting and advising you, who is also in charge of holding your precious metals safely for you. These experts understand the importance of high-value business and investment transactions and can guide you through the steps of diversifying and maximizing your portfolio.