hands jobs

If you love to work with your hands, chances are you won’t want an office job. Working with your hands can be very rewarding and it can make you feel as if you have achieved something. 

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to know what jobs can be ideal for you. There are so many different careers out there that making a choice can be somewhat overwhelming. Let’s take a look at the best hands-on jobs so you have an idea as to what could be right for you. 

Physical Therapy Assistant 

Physical therapy assistants help people to recover from illnesses or injuries. This type of work can be ideal if you like to work with people and you have a caring nature. You can learn how to treat a range of conditions while also helping patients to improve their quality of life. 

Should you decide to work in this field, you could find that no two days are the same. You’ll likely be working with people of all ages and you’ll be responsible for assessing their needs. There are many different environments that you could be working in. You could work in a hospital, doctor’s office, private clinic, or in a nursing home. No matter where you choose to work, chances are that you could find this job very rewarding. 

Foundry Workers

Someone who works in a foundry is employed to work in a factory to create castings from a range of molds. Typically working with metal castings, workers also finish the molds by manually sanding them. 

This type of job is very hands-on, but it also calls for a lot of patience and bravery. You’ll have to be happy to work with metal that has been melted. This work is not for everyone as those who work in a foundry will have to put up with some very high temperatures. If this sounds like something you could do, it is worth exploring. Foundry work is very satisfying and it typically pays quite well, while also calling for a bit of creativity when you’re working with metals. There is always a need for foundry workers, so it’s likely that you could have a job for life. 

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Police Officer 

Working as a police officer may not have automatically been one of the positions you considered when you thought about hands-on jobs. However, this type of work can be more hands-on than you realize. You will need to catch those who break the law and work to keep your community safe. Additionally, you may need to deal with criminals on a day-to-day basis. 

Those who work as police officers need to be good at communicating with others. They should also be capable of dealing with people from all walks of life. This profession offers a real opportunity for promotion if you work hard enough. You may start off by patrolling the streets, but you could end up being the head of your local police force. 


Everything that an electrician does is hands-on. A highly-skilled trade, electricians are in huge demand. The jobs that electricians do can vary every day. One day you could be rewiring circuits in a residential property, the next you could be installing electricity on industrial premises.

This is not the kind of job that you can just walk into. You will need to undergo the right training and show that you can work safely. However, being an electrician is very satisfying and it tends to pay quite well. 

Truck Driver 

If you love to work with your hands and you enjoy driving, you could consider being a truck driver. Most of us rely on goods that have been transported across the country in a truck. As a driver of a truck, it will be your job to load the truck, ensure the cargo is safe, and to take it to its destination. You may be required to sleep in your truck overnight, depending on how far you need to drive. You’ll also need to make sure that the cargo is unloaded safely and that all paperwork is in order. 

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There is typically a lot more to the role of a truck driver than many people realize. It’s truly a hands-on job that can have a huge impact on many people’s lives. We rely on truck drivers every minute of the day to bring us the goods that we need. It could be your responsibility to deliver the goods to stores, warehouses, and even shipping docks. If you don’t mind working on your own, this could be the job for you. 

The above jobs are some of the best hands-on jobs around. Why not consider some or all of the jobs. You never know, you could find a career that you love and work in for many years to come.