Baton for Sale

Batons help the police control suspects who are very aggressive, but these are not just for cops. It is easy to find a baton for sale online because this self-defense weapon is legal and valuable for civilians to use, too.

What makes batons quite effective for law enforcement is precisely what makes them great defense weapons of choice for, say, women coming home from work late at night. A lot of other weapons require you to get up close to the target, endangering you in that way. Batons let you defend yourself from a much safer distance. In fact, it is very possible that seeing you swinging a baton at him may make an attacker turn around and run.

Baton for Sale

Now, are batons useful if I can grab anything and hit my attacker with it? Are they really necessary? The truth is I likely would not find something fast enough to use for hitting my attacker if I start searching only when he starts attacking. By the time I do, it would probably be too late. And I can’t guarantee that I will find anything at all to use as a weapon in the first place.

Batons both create and maintain distance between you and an assailant. Telescopic batons are even better. They are longer than standard batons when extended, and shorter when collapsed for easier storage. Batons are very hard to break because they are typically made of heavy-duty steel. Using one sure beats exposing your arms to danger.

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And then there are stun batons. These are stun guns in baton form. You usually do not hit with them, but use them to stun attackers with an electric current on contact. The Stun Master Badass 20 million volt metal stun baton with flashlight is a great example of a stun baton that is a club, too. It is made of aircraft-quality aluminum, and has a 120-lumen LED flashlight, rubberized grip and wrist strap. It also comes with a charger.

How an Expandable Baton Can Boost a Counterstrike

Before pepper sprays, stun guns, TASER guns and kubotans became a popular part of the uniform, the police had begun to carry batons. An officer of the law would retrieve his heavy-duty steel baton when force must be escalated from verbal discipline, yet not enough to warrant the use of a firearm. To this day, regular and expandable baton and stun baton devices remain useful in law enforcement.

What make batons valuable to law enforcers and to us common folks are quite similar. And what are the important reasons? Why would police batons be equally effective for citizen use? For one, a baton is preferable to using your arms and legs to fight, which only makes your body susceptible to getting hit. It adds power to bare limbs since it is intended for use in striking the enemy.

Now, why clobber your assailant? Unfortunately, one who is a serious threat forces you to get to him before he can get to you. Against threats like that, it is hard to beat a baton at close quarters. Not merely is it too hard to break, it also extends your arm’s reach more considerably than most other impact weapons. Literally, the opponent can’t reach you first, and this might be what saves your life.

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Extendable batons can be protracted for use or retracted when not in use, with the mere flick of a wrist. Long and strong, these get short enough to stick into a backpack and carry around with zero hassle. The SafeFamilyLife batons elongate to 16, 21 or 26 inches. Made with industrial-strength steel, they sport rubber handles for a secure grip.

Likewise, stun batons extend your reach, but you use one to dump a non-lethal electric shock into the targeted body. The Stun Master Bad Ass 20 million volt metal stun baton with flashlight is a high-voltage stun gun that is also an out-and-out baton using aircraft-grade aluminum.

Plus, its 120-lumen LED light can disorient the goon momentarily. A LED light can be added to an expandable baton to custom-make a baton flashlight.