UAE Employment Visa

Dubai is a dream destination for anyone. Its local heritage and tradition thrive alongside the vibrant and varied expat community in this fast-paced and dynamic city. There are various economic reasons to move to the UAE. Rapid developments are everywhere creating skills and knowledge gap to fill. Additionally, entrepreneurs work around the clock to produce goods and services to serve the growing global market. Before moving to the UAE, you have to secure a UAE employment visa. Here is a breakdown of how to a UAE visa to start a new life. 

Getting a UAE employment visa

When looking forward to long term employment in the UAE, you have to get an employment visa. This is valid for two years but obtained after following particular procedures. For anyone outside the free zones, there is no need for a work permit before traveling. When you arrive in the UAE, you can get an UAE employment visa from the desk before the immigration checkpoint. This is valid for 60 days as the work permit is processed.

A work permit allows entering the UAE to work and is valid for two months from the issue date. On entering the UAE with a work permit, the sponsoring agency has to complete other procedures including:

  • Medical tests
  • Getting the Emirates ID
  • Labor Card
  • Residency permit stamp in your passport within 60 days

Do I need a UAE work visa?

Foreigners who want to work in Dubai should have a Labor Card to work legally. This protects you from arrest and prosecution by local authorities. Working without a valid visa also has a risk of deportation. Therefore, seek professional degree certificate attestation for employment visa to have your paperwork to be in proper order. However, students can work as interns using a student visa and women can work under the sponsorship of male relatives without an employment visa. You have to adhere to these strict regulations by having appropriate documentation and visa to work in the UAE.

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Process to get a UAE work visa

The UAE has various visa types required for various situations. Additionally, each emirate has particular visa requirements and processes. So, you have to understand the requirements and steps to get a visa for that particular emirate. Dubai is a favorite destination for various immigrant workers attracted by the various opportunities. You have to understand the visa requirements for employment to avoid arrest and possible deportation when nabbed by authorities.

UAE Employment Visa

Countries including those in Europe and the US don’t need a visa to enter Dubai. However, even the free visa entry has limitations on your stay and what you can do. This means that you obviously need a work visa to take up employment. When already in Dubai with a tourist visa but want to work, you might have to exit the country and reapply for a work visa abroad. There is also a chance of your employer taking responsibility to get you the work visa, handling administration, and paying related fees. The employer might apply for a work entry permit for a free zone or private sector valid for 60 days to allow arranging your residency on arrival in Dubai.

Documents required when applying for a UAE work visa

 When the employer applies for your work visa, it requires proving that the business is registered. Additionally, the employer has to prove that you are an expatriate filling the skills gap that can’t be filled by locals. Other forms of documents to support the visa application include:

  • Visa fee
  • completed application form
  • Bank approval letter
  • Passport-sized color photographs
  • Copies of passport valid for about 6 months
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After applying, you can track the status on the ‘eDNRD’ online portal

After getting employment in the UAE, your employer has to handle your visa application regardless of the nature of work. When planning to work for less than 30 days, the employer applies for a short term visa on your behalf. A 90-day multi-entry visa is appropriate when planning to work for a few months. You have to provide all the necessary documents for the application process. Luckily, a student visa allows working as an intern without getting a work permit.

EntrepreneurUAE work visa

You need proof of a partnership or investment in a business with about AED 48000 to apply for a visa to the UAE. A partner or investor permit allows staying in the country for 60 days to process the residency visa application for long term stay. The cost of this visa is about AED 680 and requires submitting documents to prove your role in the business.

Wrapping up

Working in the UAE offers various prospective. This is a major business hub of the world attracting people from all walks of life. You can use this opportunity to invest in a local business or seek employment in various thriving sectors. However, you need an appropriate visa to work in the UAE legally. A professional agency is always ready to help you prepare your documents to make you qualify for your appropriate UAE employment visa.

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