Utility Pump

Before starting the difference between them, It is important for you to know what exactly the two terms are? What is a sump pump is? And what is a utility pump is?

A Sump pump is a device that is generally installed in the lowest area of the basement, Construction site to keep the area dry and prevent it from flooding.

Whereas a Utility Pump is a device that is also used to remove a large quantity of liquid in a short amount of time.

Now that was all of the introduction of the two devices, but you might be wondering what is the difference between Utility and Sump pump?



What is the difference between Utility pump and sump pump? As the function of both of the devices is mostly the same, which is to keep the area dry and drain the excessive water to a suitable place. But there are some differences which you need to know, especially if you’re about to buy one.

Sump PumpUtility Pump
Generally installed in pit holes. (Except portable ones)Installed in the upper surface where needed.
Can be used 24/7Not suitable for continuous use
Not Multi-functioningMulti-Functioning
Need 12-Volts for functioningNeeds 24-Volts for proper functioning
Needs to be connected to GFCIDoesn’t need to be connected to GFCI

They‘re pretty much the same devices but there are also some differences to be considering when buying a pump for any purpose.

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Sump pumps are used for keeping a particular area dry and also prevent flooding. But along with that it also contains some other uses, which makes it a better and reliable device to buy.

  • TO KEEP THE SPECIFIC AREA DRY: Sump pumps are mostly installed in basements and in the construction site to keep the area dry and to control the water level, that’ll prevent flooding. Sump pump are of 2 types out of which one is installed underground and the other is installed in the upper level.

Upper-level pump which is called The Pedestal Pump is more likely as the utility pump, but the underground pump which is called The Submersible Pump is set up in a pit hole.

  • SOIL STABILIZATION: Sump pumps are also very effective in construction sites, in which the stability of the soil is the most important thing. It keeps the soil dry which stables the soil and help in the stability of the building.
  • WATER LEVEL ALERT: If the sump pumps are installed in the houses, then they’re very useful especially if your basement’s water level increase occasionally.   Sump pumps are designed that way that when the water level increases, the alarm in                                                                                                   the sump pump turns on which alerts you and makes things easier.
  • MAKES ONES HOME ATTRACTIVE: If your basement looks like a swimming pool after the rain, it might decrease the value of your property. A sump pump keeps the basement dry which obviously adds up the house value.
  • UTILITY PUMP:  Utility pumps are multi-functional which helps you a lot in commercial uses, industrial use, mining, also helpful in the paper industry, flood control, construction, agriculture, food making industries, and much more.
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  1. KNOW YOUR USE:  First things first if you’re going to buy a pump for your foundation, it’s better for you to know your usage. Will you use it 24/7 or occasionally? Usage of the pump is the important thing when you’re considering buying one.

If you’re using the pump 24/7 so Sump pump is definitely your best friend, but if you’re thinking to use it occasionally, then it is better for you to buy a utility pump, or a portable sump pump can also benefit you in the same way.

  • VOLTAGE: Determine the household voltage and then find the suitable pump which can run properly in that voltage. Sump pumps are generally needed 12V to work properly, whereas utility pumps need 24V to work properly.
  • PRODUCT COMPARISON: Compare the two devices and search for their pros and cons, for example, Sump pump need are installed underground in a pit hole, while the utility pumps are installed in the upper area where needed. Sump pumps need to be connected to GFCI, whereas utility pumps works fines without it. Sump pumps are needs less voltage i.e 12V, whereas utility pumps need more voltage i.e 24V.


Buying a pump that is most suitable for you and for your foundation is the best thing you can get. But doing some research about a certain product is also important. Now you’ve known what is the utility and sump pump? And now you’re also aware of the what is the difference between the sump and utility pump?

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Both pumps are the best of their own, and both can serve you in the best way. Both pumps can keep the place dry and prevent flooding, which in fact adds value to your home and also will make things easier. But there are also some differences between the 2 which obviously make the difference in the function too. We hoped that we helped you through this journey of finding the right and suitable pump and also make you understand the difference b/w the two.