Quite often, friends want to have fun and play against each other to see who is better at most games.

Such challenges add an element of fun and rivalry and strengthen friendship. If this format does not suit you, then you can always return to playing for one team, and not act as opponents.

If you are lonely and not all your friends share this type of leisure as rivalry in the proposed games, then you can visit the Skycoach Blog to learn about the latest in the gaming industry and the main news and look at a new project that you can go with a friend or on your own.


What games are suitable for battles against a friend

You need to take into account the specifics of game genres, since everyone likes different projects, and here are some options you can use:

  • Shooters
  • Simulators
  • Strategies
  • Battle Royale
  • Universal games
  • Logic games


Great for figuring out who’s the best shooter in fast-paced matches with fast completion times.

Ideal for CS GO, which has become free for a long time and has a large community that constantly comes up with new maps and modes for playing 1v1 with the possibility of buying, or selecting weapons and reducing the match to firefights for reaction and accuracy with AIM training, or competition among themselves for a set rounds.



In simulations, the adaptation of real experience to game realities prevails, so that players can fully experience what it is like to engage in a certain profession.

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In terms of rivalry, you can choose FIFA or the NBA. Sports simulators with the ability to choose your favorite team and play short matches with the ability to choose the total duration of the match.

Each new match will start from 0, so you can compete as much as you want until you find out for yourself who is the best player in your tandem.


Strategies can safely be considered one of the most skillful ways to resolve the dispute over who is the best player.

Matches take a lot of time, but require from the players not only the speed of reaction, but also the mind and strategic thinking, and of course the speed of decision-making and execution.

A good match can last for hours, but the result is worth it – after all, the winner is the one who knows how to think better for the future, correctly use units, build a chain of economic development and, most importantly, never give up.

Starcraft remains the most popular strategy, but other representatives of the genre are still popular with players to this day.

They play Generalov and Kazakov, Rice of Nations and other projects.

Battle royale

A genre of games in which the player finds himself in a hostile environment and must find weapons, ammunition, equipment and medical supplies in order to survive and remain the winner of the match.

You yourself choose the place of your deployment, and all around are your enemies.

The most famous projects are PUBG, Escape from Tarkov, Code Warzone.

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The combat zone will constantly shrink, requiring all players to converge on a specified point, fighting each other until there is only one surviving player, or squad.

Universal Games

There are projects in which you can do almost all of the above games, both against each other, and helping and playing in co-op with a friend.

One of the best representatives of such games will be GTA V.

You will be able to play different modes against each other:

Heists – get together in a group of two or four people and crank out a heist with a chain of preparatory tasks for obtaining vehicles and tools, collecting the necessary information and items, work out escape routes and go to carry out your plan.

Street racing – compete with a friend and other players for the right to win a race and get money. GTA has always been famous for its many comical moments in the gaming world.

Survival – team up with a friend and keep the onset of waves of enemies where, if you win, you will receive money and reputation points.

Open a business and work together, or compete – in GTA you can buy warehouses and carry cargo, steal cars and send them to a new buyer, but there are nuances in all this – your operations are also seen by other players who can come and destroy or take away the cargo – then you will need the help of allies, or your friend will be your main obstacle – this gives GTA V many variations of leisure activities.

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Logic games

Do not forget about logic games like chess as an interesting pastime in competition with a friend. Of course, this format is not suitable for everyone, but it can be interesting if both players are on the same level and no one uses deceptive strategies, spying on the phone for similar tactics of advanced artificial intelligence.

You can play Chess, Checkers, Backgammon, Cards and other old, but still relevant and popular games.

The main charm in such games is not only relative slowness, but the presence of an intellectual aspect as a factor in victory, rather than luck and reaction, as in other leisure options from this article.

And of course, you should not be upset in case of defeats – the main feature of such games is the development of strategic thinking skills, thinking through your own steps of action several moves ahead, sometimes underestimating the opponent as a factor of failure and constant progress with regular games.