When we talk about the garage door replacement services, it is crucial to hire an experienced technician with good skills. Such a company should also provide quality equipment and knowledge. This will help to cope with all types of garage door problems.

Commercial garage door replacement can be tricky in certain instances. However, this does not have to be the case, especially with reputable service providers available. For this very reason, finding the right company to replace the door must be a top priority according to STIGarageDoor. We’ll delve further deeper into why you wouldn’t want to compromise any step of this process below.

Problems faced by commercial garage doors

Before we look at some of the advantages of finding a quality commercial garage door replacement, let’s understand some of the main reasons why it would require replacing in the first place. Knowing some of these common problems will give you a proper insight into how to take care of a garage door and provide result maintenance. Here are some of them in no particular order of frequency:

1. Torsion spring damage

Torsion springs play a huge role in ensuring the commercial garage door stays put (most of them weigh way over 250 lbs). The role of torsion springs is to counterbalance this large weight by either the torque generated from the high-grade steel coils or a rotating force. Damage to any coil will certainly require replacement.

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2. Defective remote control

Commercial garage door functionality will certainly be affected by any damage to the remote control. In many cases, the origin of any malfunction or lack of function at all could be due to depleted batteries.

If this is the case, fixing the problem will be straightforward and may not require special attention from a professional. However, complex cases requiring the remote to be reset are not rare.

3. Faulty cables

Garage door cables are sturdy. They are made from high-strength stainless steel, hence their durability. As such, most of the cables can retain their structural integrity for 8-15 years. This time is heavily impacted by the number of cycles of the door as well as the frequency of use. Professional technicians will always recommend a replacement for cables albeit if one is damaged.

4. Roller issues

Commercial garage door rollers usually affect the overall functionality of the door when the tracks they roll on loosen up. This is caused by various factors:

  • an external force such as a collision with a vehicle or the doors’ frequent vibration,
  • increased friction is another reason the rollers may be damaged.

5. Alignment issues

If you can tell that your garage door is not properly centered, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact a technician. Damage in this case also has to do with application of an external force large enough to bend the metallic component of the garage door. Another reason for misalignment is due to broken torsion springs (mentioned above).

6. Damaged panel

Commercial garage door panels make up the bulk of the doors area. Therefore, any significant damage can be easily spotted. Due to their size the main reason for any damage to the panel will be related to an external force such as a collision with a car. Depending on the extent of the damage, single or multiple panel replacement will be recommended by a specialist.

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Benefits of working with a reliable business

Any serious damage to the integrity of your garage door must be handled by a specialist who knows exactly what they’re doing. Here are some of the common benefits of entrusting a reliable business:

1. Amped up security

Enhancing security is probably the number one reason why most businesses opt for a commercial garage door. As such, it would make sense to state that any damage to the structural and functional components of the garage door will take the safety of the business down a couple of notches or so. Getting a reliable business to replace your garage door amplifies the security threat of theft which severely impacts the business as a whole.

2. Enhanced energy efficiency

In these modern days, we hear a lot of talk about “energy efficiency.” Many businesses are looking for ways to cut costs and using less energy is one way to do it. How does this apply to commercial garage doors? Replacing older doors with latest models which feature enhanced strength can make your business more energy efficient. This is due to upgraded insulation practices.

3. Enhanced durability

A garage door replacement job done well will help you focus on non-garage door related problems for a while. Modern commercial garage doors are designed to be resilient. With both the high quality nature of the doors and professional service of the business replacing the entire door or a few parts you will surely reap this benefit.

4. Protection from fire damage

Proper replacement should put emphasis on how to lessen the effects of accidents. One of these comes in the form of fire damage. A reputable business will know this fact and focus on providing sturdy doors. This design feature will significantly curb any potential fire damage to the commercial garage door.

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5. Increased physical appearance

One of the most overlooked functions of a commercial garage door is how it serves a major feature of a business external appearance. When done well, your garage door can attract more people to your business, this in turn increases the chances of you getting more clients in the long run.

Final thoughts

Finding the right commercial garage door replacement service should be a priority. Although most modern garage doors of this nature are built to withstand a lot of wear and tear, eventually you’ll have to fix one or two things.

Although certain problems can be easily fixed, getting a specialist input will never hurt. And if things are really bad, they are in the best place to help you get things back into motion.