Best Enclosed Patio Ideas

Landscape designer Georgina Reid presents her new project, created in one of the suburbs of Sydney, Australia.Backyard Enclosed Patio Ideas.


This home and garden is owned by furniture designer Jonathan West and his wife Shauna and their 4-year-old daughter Zora. They bought this property back in 2006 and lived here for some time before thinking about the full arrangement of the back yard.

Their house was built in the 70s of the last century and did not much resemble a modern dwelling. In 2010, they began a thorough renovation, creating the atmosphere of modern Australian eco-minimalism in it. With the courtyard garden and backyard, they were helped by landscape designer Georgina Reid, who is particularly interested in organizing small spaces.


The integration of the courtyard design and the inner garden was very important for Jonathan and Shawn, since they wanted to spend a lot of time outdoors for six months. Despite the fact that thanks to the glazing, the inner garden was visible directly from the kitchen, this was even more important.

“We wanted to be able to see greens from any room of the house, especially on the ground floor. Thus, the kitchen, part of the dining room and living room have access to the internal garden, and the back patio is accessible from a special play area, where Zora constantly spends time, ”says Jonathan, the owner of the house.

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The whole design was built on the assumption that adults have absolutely no time to care for it, so all plants and decorative objects should not require much time for themselves. The limited budget made me think about how to reuse old things. “The wooden door to the backyard consists of planks assembled in an abandoned house nearby,” says Jonathan. “I also found a wine cellar in that semi-ruined building – the corks were rotten, so the drink was completely ruined, but how interesting this adventure was!”

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Jonathan’s wife, Shauna really wanted her daughter Zora to have a place for outdoor games. “Despite the fact that we live in the suburbs, and not in the center, the plots here are very small, and large ones are too expensive. We wanted to create the most natural landscape for Zora, resembling a wild meadow. I hope we succeeded. “


Despite its small size (the backyard has an area of ​​only 20 square meters!) There is enough space for the child to enjoy the greenery. “It seemed to us that creating a garden on such a patch of land is very simple, but it turned out that my husband and I had completely different views, and for a long time we could not agree among ourselves. Backyard Enclosed Patio Ideas. I think it was like a challenge for us – if we do not make peace and find a compromise, then the child simply will not have a garden. This helped us understand that the end result and teamwork is more important than our personal preferences. There was too little room for selfishness in our garden, ”says Shauna.

Jonathan himself recalls the design with joy: “We constantly argued, but it was fun. I said one thing, Shauna. Another, our designer – the third. Between all these stood a child and did not say anything. Although for him all this was done. It took a lot of patience to complete the project, because sometimes it seemed that they wanted to turn your garden into something terrible. Looking back now, I understand that this was a wonderful life lesson for our family. And we went through it – the garden turned out to be modest and at the same time very attractive. ”

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The design of the backyard is created mainly taking into account the hobbies of the family and its composition. Like any part of the territory near the house. This site needs to be designed, moreover, its arrangement will allow its active use, thereby expanding the useful area of ​​the house. The backyard is the most secluded place where you can hide from prying eyes, street noise and enjoy your vacation.

Thinking over the design of the site behind the house, it is very important to know which vacation is the most pleasant for you. So for some it’s a pool or a sports ground, for some it’s a gazebo and barbecue facilities, and for some it’s best to turn the backyard into a workshop. There are many options, but the most important task is not only to harmoniously fit the composition of this site into the overall landscape design, but also to make it the most convenient and favorite place for all households.


Features of the design of the backyard Gazebo with barbecue with a total area of ​​44.5 sq.m (plan) The

arrangement of a place for cooking on the barbecue is ideal. As well as the most popular option for the backyard.

If you like a calm atmosphere. Backyard Enclosed Patio Ideas. Reading books and solitude with a cup of tea. Then in this case it will be ideal to withstand this territory in the English style. A low light fence, elegant garden furniture and beautifully trimmed shrubs – all this is a strict and elegant English style.

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For lovers of exoticism and the east, a courtyard design in the Arabic or Moroccan style is suitable. Use instead of standard paving slabs a beautiful ornamental mosaic, arrange wicker furniture. If part of the courtyard is under a canopy. Then a large number of bright pillows with tassels, carpets and colorful textiles will only complement the overall design. You can decorate the backyard with plants, a flower pot with flowers.

If you prefer an active lifestyle, then the pool, tennis table can be safely installed in the backyard. But do not forget that you definitely need a place for relaxation.


For those who cannot imagine their life without plants. You can turn the backyard into an exotic garden where you can grow unpretentious. But rare in our area plants and flowers. In such a garden you can hang a hammock, put a small gazebo or just a table. A homemade pond or stream, flowerbeds and alpine slides will be a wonderful decoration of the backyard.