There are a variety of bonus rounds which players will encounter in no deposit slots games. These bonus rounds are often considered one of the biggest highlights of a game.

What is a Bonus Round? 

A bonus round is arguably one of the main highlights of a slot game. They can deliver high entertainment value as well as offer players the chance to get some big wins. Bonus rounds are becoming increasingly more popular in slot games, older slot machines didn’t offer any bonus rounds. Thanks to modern technology, the amount of bonus rounds which slot games offer are increasing as well, with some games offering over ten possible bonus rounds to trigger. A bonus round can be triggered in a variety of ways, generally they can be triggered when a player lands the appropriate number of scatter symbols on the reels however there are sometimes other conditions. It is always best to consult the paytable of a slot to see the conditions you need to fulfil in order to trigger a bonus round. 

Best Bonus Rounds 

There are a huge variety of bonus rounds available to play. Many are slo specific bonus rounds which are linked to the theme of the game. However, there are also many bonus rounds which are commonly available with most slot games. The following are some of the very best bonus rounds. 

●     Free spins – One of the most common bonuses that players will encounter, it is also one of the most lucrative. This bonus lets players spin the reels for free! This gives them a great opportunity to win some prizes without spending any money. Free spins are usually awarded to players in small clusters such as 5x or 10x, more lucrative free spins bonus round will make the feature retriggerable, meaning that you could potentially spin the reels hundreds of times for free!

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●     Bonus Wheel – This bonus is a great way to change up the gameplay of a slot. It works very simply, players spin the reel and whatever it lands on will be their reward. Some prizes will be basic things such as free spins or a small amount of coins whilst other slots will offer much more lucrative rewards for players. 

Online Slots with Bonus Rounds 

There have been a few online slots releases which have become popular due to the bonus rounds which they offer. 

  1. Pink Panther is based on the popular film series, it actually features four randomly triggered bonus games for players to enjoy including the crack the code bonus which offers scatters and wilds.
  2. Hot as Hades is based on ancient Greek mythology and it offers an amazing visual experience thanks to developer Microgaming. What is great about this slots bonus round is that it actually offers different levels of the bonus for players. 

Final Thoughts 

Triggering a bonus round is not always easy, players should always check the paytable of a slot to see the conditions they have to fulfil to trigger the bonus.