As with pretty much every gambling type, probability ends up being the thing that will most influence whether or not you will come out with a fantastic win or crippling loss whilst playing online casino free spins slots games. And, apart from a few specific bet strategies, there is actually very little you can do to influence these probabilities yourself, so it is incredibly important that you choose the right titles to play from the offset. 

But how are you meant to do this? Surely it is not particularly easy to discern the probability of winning on any given slot game? It makes sense to think like this, granted, but there are actually quite a few ways in which you can attempt to calculate online slot probabilities. Let’s take a look… 

RTP (Return To Player) 

One of the most popular factors that people like to focus on when it comes to calculating online slot probabilities is the RTP or Return To Player of the given title you have chosen to play. In essence this is a percentage that is indicative of the average amount a player will get from their stake, and as such it is an incredibly useful tool in working out slot game probabilities. 

The other great thing about RTP is that, due to stricter gambling regulations, developers in most countries are now obliged to disclose the RTP percentage of every single one of their games. You will want to aim for something above 96% generally. 

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Slot Volatility 

Another thing that can be a great help in ascertaining the probability of a win from an online slot session is the volatility of the game you happen to be playing. Different types of slot volatility will sort different types of players in differing ways, but it is always important ot have a good grasp on this topic as it can be very important. 

Basically, a low volatility slot is a game in which it is rather difficult to win huge amounts of money at once, but also quite hard to lose massive amounts quick too. Meanwhile, a high volatility slot could pay out some massive prizes, but it also comes with a higher probability of losing a lot of money too. 

Slot Cut-Scenes & Visuals 

Something to be aware of is that the online slots with lengthy cut-scenes or extravagant visuals can often be the ones that actually pay out the least. This is because most developers program their slots to pay out a certain amount over an average amount of time, if lots of time is being taken up by visuals there won’t be much time for money will there?

Progressive Jackpots 

Now, progressive jackpot slots can be the most exciting ones to play because of the allure of an absolutely monumental monetary prize. However at the same time it is important to realise that the probability associated with them is really rather small. 

Ways To Win 

Lots of developers use a “ways to win” format with their slots these days, and this does pretty much exactly what it says on the tin.