It takes not only physical strength but also medical skills. The staff of GalaxyHomeCareNY nursing home aids in caring for seriously ill residents. All specialists have extensive professional experience and the necessary qualifications to assist patients who need special attention. All patients are accommodated in comfortable wards.

Let’s talk not only about how you can understand the condition of your elderly loved ones but also about the safety criteria and seniors home safety assessment services for the complete comfort and health of every elderly person.

Improper care: consequences

Private home for the elderly GalaxyHomeCareNY knows that in case of improper care of the patient, due to lack of proper experience, the following complications may arise:

  1. Contracture. The condition is characterized by the fact that the patient cannot bend or flex the arm and leg. It is associated with prolonged immobility of the limbs. The causes of the disease are tightening of the tendon and scar-type skin. Treating contracture is very difficult. To prevent this disease, it is necessary to carry out daily therapeutic exercises.
  2. Pressure sores. A common problem with prolonged immobile body position and insufficient skin care. In this case, skin maceration occurs, resulting in necrosis with the destruction of soft tissues. Prevention of pressure ulcers is to change the position of the patient every 2:00. It is also necessary to carry out high-quality hygienic treatment of the skin, removing the old layers of the epidermis. If necessary, lubricate bedsores with special preparations.
  3. Infectious diseases. The occurrence of pneumonia in bedridden patients is often associated with the fact that in a horizontal position, the volume of the lungs decreases. As a result, their ventilation deteriorates and stagnant phenomena in the tissues of this organ are observed. Pneumonia can be accompanied by the development of purulent processes, and in this case, it will be very difficult to cure. Sometimes such diseases lead to death. To prevent pneumonia, it is necessary to ventilate the room where the patient is and do special therapeutic exercises with him.
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Also, seriously ill patients may have problems with swallowing food. Due to this complexity and the listed diseases, it is necessary that the care of a sick person is carried out by an experienced nurse with medical skills.

Types of care for the seriously ill

The nursing home for the elderly provides all types of care for seriously ill patients. General and special care are provided. The first includes actions aimed at supporting the patient’s vital activity. Special care is the provision of domestic and medical care.

Rules of care for seriously ill patients

GalaxyHomeCareNY nursing home provides its services in accordance with the rules of care for patients in this category. It is important to take into account that bedridden patients experience not only physical suffering but also, due to limited movement, are in a difficult psycho-emotional state. They often tend to become depressed, suffer from neuroses, and frequent mood changes. Therefore, it is so significant that such patients are provided with timely psychological assistance. The boarding house creates the most comfortable psychological conditions, as well as provides adequate nutrition and hygiene procedures.

The services provided include:

  • haircut;
  • diaper changing;
  • feeding;
  • the assistance of a round-the-clock nurse.

Seriously ill people need to be provided with comfortable conditions. The room for them should be bright enough, spacious, and ventilated at least 2 times a day. Drafts should be avoided. The room should be sufficiently illuminated. If the person is conscious, the room can be equipped with a TV. It is only significant not to include movies and programs that can cause emotional distress to the patient. It is not necessary to make the sound loud and turn on the TV after 10 p. m. because at this time it is necessary for the nervous system to calm down and the person to tune in to sleep.

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The temperature in the room should be set from 17 to 20°, it should not be too hot, but the patient should not freeze. It is desirable that the room is equipped with air conditioning, which in winter can be switched to the heating mode.

The humidity in the room is of great importance. High humidity can provoke the development of infectious diseases and allergies. If the air is too dry, you need a special humidifier.

It is important to monitor the cleanliness of the bed linen and underwear of the patient. The room should be odorless. In the hot season, you need to wipe the skin with wet wipes, as excessive sweating can provoke the development of microbes on the skin.

Care for the elderly in the nursing home GalaxyHomeCareNY

The network of private nursing homes for the elderly, GalaxyHomeCareNY offers the most comfortable conditions for the stay of seriously ill patients. The institution observes the regime of the day and provides full nutrition.

The advantages of the boarding house include:

  • attentive attitude to patients;
  • varied, complete nutrition;
  • low cost of services;
  • rehabilitation assistance in recovery after a serious illness;
  • possibility of visiting patients by relatives at any time.


Some important points to consider in assessing safety issues include:

  1. Cooking, electricity. Lapses in memory mean that your loved one may forget to turn off the stove or lights.
  2. Nutrition. The patient may forget whether they have eaten, or forget that they have just eaten. Help them remember to eat regularly.
  3. Wandering. In the later stages of dementia, some people start to wander. This can be especially dangerous in areas with heavy traffic. Patients may even go wandering at night.
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Aggression and fear

Fear can make the patient behave unpredictably and even aggressively. Be sensitive and patient.

Diet and nutritional problems

A poor diet can aggravate the symptoms of dementia. Therefore, it is very important to follow a healthy, balanced diet.

Some people with dementia experience unusual cravings for food. They also have a desire for enhanced taste, because dementia can dull the senses.

As dementia progresses, swallowing problems may occur.

The network of private boarding houses for the elderly GalaxyHomeCareNY, will help to solve all these problems, taking care of a patient with dementia.

Elderly care in a nursing home GalaxyHomeCareNY

Private boarding house GalaxyHomeCareNY offers modern equipped rooms for the stay of elderly people suffering from dementia. The institution provides full care of both domestic and medical nature. Full nutrition is provided, hygiene procedures are carried out, and leisure is organized.

If you want your loved one who suffers from dementia to be under the supervision of attentive caregivers and have access to good treatment, please contact the nursing home. We care about each guest.